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Default pineapples 1dm - home of "dat bot"

pineapples 1dm was originally setup to replace the new england 1life server. the new england server is back now, but pineapples lives on! why, you ask? because thanks to silent skies, B4, and RedLight, pineapples has much more map variety! the server is hosted on a VPS in chicago.

the rules are simple: if you can't be respectful and mature, keep your mouth shut. we will probably give a warning before kicking or banning, but please try not to be a menace in the first place.

main server:
games go to 5, win by 2
max ping: 275
bot difficulty: expert
camera scale: 110%

private server for matches, practice, etc:
games go to 5, win by 2
password: godfruit
max ping: 500
camera scale: 110%

blarg ;[
Aero Beast
Kate Wolf
silent skies

feel free to post here or talk to me in game about any comments, suggestions, problems, etc. have fun!

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