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I don't really know why everyone is qqing - personally I find the guide to be helpful in a fun sort of way. Sure it's causing people to do bad things (sometimes) - but if you recall when Beagle wrote his guide - everyone played reverse biplane (pretty horribly) for the next few weeks. When I wrote my time anchor guide people did similar things.

I really appreciate seeing where the most common explodet lobs are coming from so I know what I can do to block them and where I can expect them at. While not always useful, these can be amazingly executed in professional play.

Anyway - get off your high horses. Just because it's not the "best" way to play as deemed by any of you - does not mean it can not be useful when used properly.

Edit: I like this one much better than Woken's (no offense bud). There is a lot more content here and it's a lot more useful as a guide than the other mine hop guide. Perhaps they can be fused together?
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