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Message to the Dojo Community

First off, I owe a lot of thanks to all of you who have helped make Dojo what it is today; a fun server for players of any skill-level to play some ball and improve their skills. Dojo would not exist without the continued support of you guys. I hope you will all continue to support the Dojo and help me keep this great community of players together for as long as possible.

Being admin/owner of Dojo is both challenging and rewarding. I walk a fine line sometimes between enforcing rules and keeping the play fun and competitive for all. I try to be fair and consistent. Sometimes I succeed at this and perhaps, sometimes I do not. I welcome constructive criticism.

Please bear in mind that I run these servers at my own expense of time and money. I do not make a profit (generous PayPal donators notwithstanding). Dojo admins also contribute their time and effort to this community, and I appreciate the respect that you have shown to them, by following the rules and contributing to a positive/fun atmosphere.

General Rules for Dojo Play (more being added..)

DO have fun.
DO contribute to making Dojo fun for all.
DO pick on krawz (once in a while).
DO try to keep the games competitive (that means you, Mr. Flexi/Reverse Loopy)
DO eat your veggies, mind your parents, respect your elders/admins/fellow players and all that other stuff that bigboys do.

DO NOT make racist comments or use racist slang.
DO NOT stalk/hunt specific players. This is considered griefing and can result in kick/ban if the griefed player objects.
DO NOT spam chat.
DO NOT unduly harass other players (even krawz).
DO NOT sabotage play for others due to personal objections (you don't like the map, etc)

  • Rules on Dojo are enforced by admins as deemed appropriate by them. For example, a kick/ban for stalking another player may only occur if the stalked player objects. However, certain repeat offenders may receive much less tolerance from admins.
  • Since I pay monthly costs to run these servers and do not make a profit(again, donations notwithstanding), I reserve the right to kick/ban anyone that I feel is making play less enjoyable for myself or others. That being said, I don't particularly enjoy banning people, as it turns my playtime into worktime.
  • If you feel you were unfairly banned from the Dojo servers, or would like to privately appeal/apologize and regain access, please send me a PM here on the forum and state your case.

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