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Default Random things people might want to know

You know, to move objects within views you only have to select if, and go to Selection -> Move to view

Place a geom with [CTRL] + [G], special object with [CTRL] + [A]

[CTRL] + [U] duplicates the object in the same position

In Geom editor, you can select a single (or multiple) point and change its color, instead of changing the entire geometries' color

Building the map border as one solid hull can cause you to accidentally select it if you click anywhere inside the map, because of this I build the border rectangle by rectangle

You can change name color with Map -> Change name text color

Setting parallax scroll to zero immobilizes the layer, so you can put a 1280 x 720 image there and it won't move. You will have to play with the X max and Y max to get there though.

A good place to put your maps is
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