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Originally Posted by Omni Vanitas View Post
Ok, so Amir, I voted kicked you because you were hogging the charge and claiming it wasn't "kickable" because it's somthing to do with skill and you can't quick for not being good. I vote kicked you for 2 reasons:

1. You were annoying me and everyone in the server. I told you to stop adding me and you did it again... You push your luck too far.
2. You were hogging the charge, not just in caution (and i must tell you, you did this 5 or 6 times) when Admins were not present, but in some other map, when Sky, CCN,DMCM,myself and other people were telling you not to. I can vouch that Sky, DM and everyone in the server were telling you not to. Any complaints, send me a PM.

Regards, Omni
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