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Originally Posted by banana View Post
Oh laud. I hate Biffy Clyro. Saw them live as they were warmup acts to muse. Uggh. Painful.

Lonely island is just a standard parody of all the crappy club music out there. The artists realise that they have to join in with them or be exposed for how lulzy their lyrics and songs are.

I Blame Coco
The Naked and Famous
The National
Empire of the Sun
Mt Eden
Parov Stellar
Wiz Khalifa

Bonus artist to discover today:
It's The Dean's List
Biffy were great when I saw them at Reading last year.

Also, how can you slag them off and put Hadouken! Literally of their songs are the same, and not the good "well don't fix it if it ain't broken" same, the awful "we can only sing fast lyrics to the same bass" kind of same.
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