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Old 05-05-2011, 08:43 PM
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Default Kennedy's Forum Mafia Rules

It seemed silly to post this in every thread. These are the default rules to every forum game I will host. Any changes from these rules will be posted in the individual game thread.

1) You must post your vote in the thread. Do not PM it to me or tell me in-game.
2) You must clearly declare your vote. (ie: 'I vote for X')
3) You cannot auto-change your vote to the losing or winning bandwagon.
4) You cannot vote for yourself, anyone dead, or anyone outside the game.
5) In the event of a tie, nobody is lynched.
6) You may vote not to lynch. This is done in the same manner as voting for a person.
7) Voting is organized like a jury. Everybody must vote for the day to end, even if a majority has already been achieved.

1) Posting after death: If you die in the game you are permitted 1 goodbye post, but it must not contain any information relating to the game.
2) Betraying your role and ruining the game for everyone else by doing something like posting the Mafia member list in the thread when you were chosen as Mafia.
3) Logging on to someone else's account / checking their PM's / looking over someone's shoulder to get their role.
4) Posting screenshots of your inbox. This is not a photoshop competition.
5) Posting any PM you receive from me.
6) Sending messages through a third party not playing the game.
7) You must not request, submit, or share any non-verbal, non-game-themed proof of role with anyone for any reason. If you violate the spirit of this rule, you will be mod-killed. If you think somebody violated the spirit of this rule, report it immediately.
8) Private messaging another player for any reason not explicitly endorsed by me is not allowed.

I'd prefer it if the game were not discussed outside of the game thread. I don't think that's entirely unrealistic to expect from people who voluntarily signed up to play. If you are asked your role by somebody else, tell me about it and do not respond.

Examples of cheating:

"What time did you receive your PM?" (exploits limitations of forum technology, not verbal game-themed communication)
"Forward me your role PM to prove your role."
"Send me a screenshot to prove your role."
*Any screenshot or record of digital communication. For example: taking a screenshot of an Altitude in-game chat in which person X claimed his role was Y and sending it to Z. You can use normal, everyday language to relay this information "Hey Z, X told me he is Y on Altitude yesterday" but you can't show a screenshot or copy-paste an Altitude log entry (with annoying-to-manipulate formatting that lends "authenticity"), to "prove" it.

You must post at least once every three (real world) days. You will be replaced after 72 hours of inactivity.

In addition, I reserve the right to modkill anyone I suspect of cheating. Anyone modkilled for cheating will be permabanned from future games. Anyone modkilled due to inactivity has a greater chance of being snubbed in future games. Please keep that in mind.

1. You may claim your role at any time, but it must be out loud.
2. Mafia may only communicate during the night phase. I will create a google document which mafia can edit to talk to one another. Please don't try to bypass this rule.
3. Anybody may lie about their role, but game throwing will not be permitted.
4. No edits! No one should edit any post, even for grammar or spelling errors. If something in your post isn't clear, just double or even triple post. This will prevent issues of people arguing about what was or wasn't in an edited post.
5. This game will start at night. Please respond to my PM with your night action, if you have one.


The previous organizers of Altitude Mafia provided a lot of copy-pasteable content. The roles are from,, and my own creations.


Town: Wins if all Mafia are eliminated.
Mafia: Wins if the number of mafia players is greater than or equal to the number of town players.
Third Parties have individual win conditions that will be described in the game thread.

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