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League Organization Only pertinent league information in here.

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Old 08-08-2016, 01:57 AM
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Default APL and SL Hall of Champions

i got bored and figured i'd try to grab each past champion and their respective rosters just so there's an easy reference every time i want to try to remember what happened which season or how many skyleagues dvd has won (only 3 somehow) so here you go!*

Altitude Pro League

1: fLb - Kuja900 (c), Apathy, BG1, Esoteric, eth, evilarsenal, gameguard, Ingbo, ryebone, Stack
2: ACE - tyr (c), Bob, Bootstraps, Cloud, Curious, GGQ, nfomonkey, pig_bomb, Stormich, Zidane
3: Sammich - Mikesol (c), NastyManatee (c), Aya, Denied, Maverick, Matattack, on1x, Texas, ufo, ViPR, wuwu
4: Sammich - Mikesol (c), NastyManatee (c), Aya, Denied, ex~, Hmmmm, Loli.ta, Matattack, Maverick, on1x, Stormich, Texas, ufo
5: fLb - Kuja900 (c), donk, gameguard, Ingbo, Lindqvro, Maverick, Nipple, ViPR, Void, Wok3N^
6: fLb - Kuja900 (c), Andy, Aya, Danielle, donk, Ingbo, Lindqvro, Maverick, Nipple, ViPR, Void, Wok3N^
7: Sammich - Mikesol (c), Aya, ex~, Loli.ta, Matattack, Maverick, on1x, Texas, ufo, ViPR, wuwu
8: qq - ball'n (c), Brutal, bsteady, DMCM, Fartface, FatTristan, Grape, Hollywood, leggomyeggo, Nadespam, Pata, Pein, Radium, Thorn, Tominator, Walt!, zZ+
9: Iron Legends - Flight 666 (c), ball'n, DMCM, dozer, Evel, Fartface, FU, JWhatever, Number 3, Pein, Redrum, Walt!
10: Sammich - Mikesol (c), Matattack (c), Ark, Aya, Bob, Dragon, ex~, Hollywood, Juin, on1x, Radium, ufo, ViPR, Wolf, Woofy, XX2
11: qq - ball'n (c), bsteady, Cookie, DICK van DYKE, DMCM, DN, dozer, Fartface, JWhatever, mssv, Nadespam, Number 3, Pata, Pein, Walt!, zZ+
12: FRO - sunshineduck (c), Alnilam, Amara, Carlos, Clam, Clapon, DICK van DYKE, ex~, Fartface, FrostTwig, Funnyhell, Kluss, leggomyeggo, Radium, ufo
13: Reservoir Dogs - Brutal, class, Clapon, DMCM, Kafka, Kluss, League, Mikesol, mled, Number 3, tomato, Wolf, XX2


1: {arr} - D4rt (c), Gemi (c), cipso, G00SE, Hagnot, Iderik, Maleus, micro, Sunaku, Tominator, Void, Wolfey, Wyrd
2: {ball} - drunkguava (c), tgleaf (c), Anghell, ball'n, Braiden, DMCM, Harmonica, Hollywood, Nikon, O.o, sky, Tortilla
3: {ball} - drunkguava (c), Andy, ball'n, Braiden, bsteady, CCN, elixir, Gustav, Hollywood, leggomyeggo, Nikon, O.o, Polio, shmo55, Sinstar20k, Wiseguy
4: BBQ - Beefheart (c), Braiden, Chin Sei, Duke, Eggplant, Gustav, Keppo, Kuja900, mssv, Nadespam, Ovni, Robke, Stormpooper, Strong Coffee, StygMa, Tominator, trendy, Void, Wolf
5: {arr} - Strzy (c), Wyrd (c), Akkargutt, D4rt, Dim, Erratic, G00SE, Iderik, Maleus, Mystery, Nipple, Pancakes!, Pata, Princess Squirtle, Trix, Sunaku, VipMattMan, Wolfey
6: {ball} - Andy (c), ball'n (c), Hollywood (c), Aya, Baba, bsteady, DJ Toast, dozer, drunkguava, Harmonica, Nikon, Ribilla, ryebone, shrode, soccernamlak, some poor soul, Spart, XX2, zZ+
7: BBQ - Cookie (c), DICK van DYKE (c), DJ Toast (c), Beefheart, Brutal, DMCM, Keppo, Kuja900, Manive, mssv, Nadespam, Plauze, Stormpooper, StygMa, Tominator, Void
8: {ball} - ball'n (c), Carlos (c), Hollywood (c), Aya, BADxHOMER11, dozer, Matattack, ryebone, soccernamlak, some poor soul, Threevenge, tmic225, Tori, ViPR, XX2, zZ+
9: BBQ - Cookie (c), Tominator (c), Void (c), Crack, DMCM, Funnyhell, Lenny, Manive, Nadespam, nEo, Number 3, Pein, Stormpooper, Woofy
10: {ball} - ball'n (c), Carlos (c), Hollywood (c), Andy, bsteady, dozer, DICK van DYKE, Goal, Metagame, on1x, ryebone, Taze, Threevenge, XX2, zZ+
11: {ball} - ball'n (c), Carlos (c), Hollywood (c), DN, DICK van DYKE, Goal, Metagame, on1x, ryebone, Taze, Threevenge, Walt!, XX2, zZ+
12: Vlix - JWhatever (c), AngryIrish, Apathy, Dancingfatman, FrostTwig, Fartface, hulabox, JimladSeraph, mssv, Plauze, Raisin bran, Sanis, shrode, ufo, Unicorn
13: {ball} - ball'n (c), bsteady, Brutal, DN, Hollywood, Number 3, Metagame, Mikesol, mled, POBLOOM, Sneaky, Tori, Walt!, XX2, zZ+
14. Vlix - JWhatever (c), AngryIrish, Ark, Dancingfatman, Fartface, hulabox, JimladSeraph, Raisin bran, Sanis, sunshineduck, Walt!, XX2

*some notes:
- i listed summer league '09 as APL1 just for formatting purposes, and did not count the TL altitude league from '09 as nobody ever actually posted who won
- i have varying/incomplete data for rosters from skyleagues 2 and 3, so kind of made guesses based on team/league threads. all other rosters should be accurate

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