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Old 03-06-2013, 10:17 PM
CmdrNoval CmdrNoval is offline
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Granted: But Beagle, in his absence, has perfected his hand/eye coordination with RL activities... The return of his "Sniplane" marks huge ratio hits for all Altitude players unfortunate enough to meet it in game. You are repeatedly pummeled by Beagle until you rage quit and lose all interest in Altitude.

Wish: I wish money grew on trees.
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Old 03-06-2013, 10:38 PM
Kafka Kafka is offline
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Originally Posted by CmdrNoval View Post
Wish: I wish money grew on trees.
Leaves on trees around the world inexplicably change to currency. The only trees that produce US currency are redwoods, which are too huge to easily cultivate their leaves. Instead, thousands of Americans gather underneath, waiting for squirrels and birds to brush against the foliage. The few bills that float to the ground are acquired by a task force implemented by Donald Trump, to be returned to the billionaire himself.

Every other tree in the world produces Deutsche marks, a virtually useless currency. Now when the wind blows, it rains down thousands of paper bills and millions of coins, all of which slowly pile up and cover the surface of Earth.

I wish people stopped giving a damn about celebrities.
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