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Dedicated Server Discuss technical issues related to hosting your own servers.

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Old 07-14-2015, 01:25 AM
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Default Altitude+ server (yet another server manager)

I wrote an Altitude server manager program which was originally supposed to support new map testing, Quality Assurance testing, and player satisfaction. The idea was to make it easy for map makers to upload maps to the server, test, make changes, and upload a new version. But, I went way overboard.

The server I wrote facilitates the above, but it also adds a "console" interface to the server making it easy to interact with the alttude server. Most importantly, it adds functionality which map makers can use to create new kinds of game types and map layouts. You can read more about it on GitHub, but first, here are some highlights:

* You can set plane/camera scale, gravity, initial ball score, force players to a specifc team for
coop and these settings will be stored per map and re-activated each time the map loads.

* You can change how players spawn, there are multiple spawn modes, like where a player dies,
in a zone, near to where they dies (nearest to a set of preconfigured spawn zones), or where
the player found their most recent powerup (any powerup, or just health powerups).

* You can allow only certain planes. Make everyone play Biplane, or just disallow Loopies.

* Extended concepts are added: portals (you reach a specific powerup, and are automatically
respawned in another location), doors (you cannot pass a specific powerup until other
powerups representing keys are found), checkpoints (each checkpoint is worth a goal, when
a team gets past enough checkpoints they get 6 goals and win the race).

There are lots of fun game type which can be created using the functions provided by this software. Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will be glad to help. I would love to develop maps using these concepts, but I can't get the map_editor functioning under Linux.

I am releasing the code into the public domain, so you can feel free to use it however you like. You can re-use code, concepts, run the server as is, whatever you like. This is especially important as the whole thing is written in perl, and probably most people would rather re-write it in another language. All of which is OK with me.

You can view the documentation and code on GitHub:

I have this code running on my MapQA server. But, I would love to see it running elsewhere and new maps created which take advantage of some of it's features. Some of the maps on MapQA which illustrate some of the features:

* ball_coop_adventure_m - Camera Scale, Plane Scale, Gravity, spawn where you die
* ball_rat_race - Camera Scale, Plane Scale, Gravity
* tbd_construct - Camera Scale, Plane Scale, Gravity
* ball_firepark - Camera Scale, Plane Scale
* tbd_coop_cloud - spawn at location of last health pickup
* tbd_coop_lol - spawn at location of last health pickup
* tbd_coop_beach - doors and keys
* ball_football - Camera/Plane Scale, Gravity, spawn mode "near", no Loopy planes.
* ball_basket_or_else - Initial score set to 4 - 4, only 2 goals to win.

All COOP maps are implemented with force assigning players to the correct team. These settings are interesting tweaks to existing maps, but the capabilities of this server would be better suited to maps designed to use them.
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