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Old 03-03-2009, 08:00 PM
auntiejo auntiejo is offline
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Default Tutorial

Love it, so far!

1. When the user gets ready to move to the next level of training and is given instructions on how to select the "green hull":
- When you move on to select your plane, the 3 instruction steps becoming largely obscured; those of us with very short memories need to continue to see the instructions as we select edit, then click on the green button, etc.
- Might also include in 2 more instructions "...then click "Done" and "press F to spawn" to handhold a true newbie through the entire process.

2. I got hung at that point. I couldn't figure how to get to the next level of instruction and had to stop. Don't know if it is a bug - or just me! (I'm betting on it being me - but then I STILL need to know how to get to the rest of the tutorial!)
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Old 03-03-2009, 08:41 PM
lamster lamster is offline
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I was worried about that screen

I think what's stopping your progress is that you're not confirming your changes or you're not selecting the new configuration. Try following these exact steps:
1) Press E to open the "Select Class" menu
2) Click button 1
3) Choose "Edit" from the popup menu
4) Click the third button "No Green Perk"
5) Choose "Rubberized Hull" from the popup menu
6) Click "Done" in the bottom left corner
7) Click button 1
8) Choose "Play" from the popup menu

I will improve this section of the tutorial in the next patch. Thanks for the feedback!
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