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Old 08-15-2011, 08:39 PM
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Default Misc Ideas

Misc Ideas:

Here are some ideas. When responding please reply with the letter of the suggestion.


Distance points for ball and TBD modes. IE the longer the ball / bomb goes the more points it gets? Maybe more damage too? Maybe the faster it hits too? IE dive bomb because it's harder to get close it can do more damage / points as well.

Map designers could put like radius lines of points. Kind of like a 3 point line in basketball. There could be challenge shots. Ie ones that take skill to shoot properly. This could be a combination of points and bonus damage.


For ball mode you could have trick shot spots that have numbers with circles on them to indicate the bonus points. I think map designers could have a lot of fun with say bounce shots etc. Or with bombs that have to go through a narrow path or perhaps take a long time to hit the base which increases the chance of being blocked yet there is an extra award with the extra damage and or points.


Track able damage stat. I find that kills and assists aren’t enough. There are times where I hit a lot of planes (IE with bi plane or exploadette) and if they don't die right away you don't get credit. I feel that doing a lot of damage to a bunch of planes is better than even killing a few in some ways. Especially for the Exploadetts's missiles. You could easily hit 4-5 groups of planes and only get a couple assists. I feel that the exploadette’s job is to weaken them long range and I think it's a stat not being accounted for. Many times being a team player is playing cat and mouse with planes. You’re better to hit and run than to suicide.


New point category called "Skill" and "team" points.

Skill points are things that are hard to do, while team points are things that benefit the team. IE running into a falling bomb, blocking a goal with a wall, intercepting a pass that would have been a gol, or killing a bomb carrier within a certain distance of the base. These things are very important to the team and should be tracked.

Skill points for killing bomb carrier, defusing, double kills, triple kills, etc. Each one could be assigned these skill points.

This idea works well with the one above with the distance and skill shots. Maybe it doesn't need to do more damage or give more points. This could suffice.

The idea is to give experienced players something else to shoot for.


Bomber bomb only mode. Have the bomber be the only class who can pickup the bomb in TBD. Would be more interesting as it would be more focused on teamwork as it's hard to use the bomber for that purpose.

These ideas could be server options.


Emp should stop you from shooting ball or dropping bomb as well. I don’t even think you should be able to primary or secondary weapons either. But that might make it too powerful.
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Old 08-15-2011, 09:39 PM
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Some nice ideas.

A) I kinda like this, if you made it first to 100, 10 points for a normal goal, 20 for a long shot, 25 for a trick shot etc.

B) Would be hard to implement and easy to abuse IMO

C) Damage is kind of meaningless if they don't die soon after (i.e. when you get an assist), I do a lot of damage and I don't think this should be put in.

D) Nice idea, but hard to implement.

E) Would make for very long games, perhaps have a mode where only one person can go bomber, they have no or limited weapons (dumbbombs only?) and buffed health and speed. Lot of work though.

F) This is madness, EMP is very very powerful as it is, this is the silliest thing I think I have ever heard.

The devs don't want to do anything too huge with this game right now. Small fixes, balances, UI features or improvements are probably going to get the most response.
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Old 08-15-2011, 09:41 PM
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B is a good suggestion as for C and D more stats have been asked for many times and EMP totally needs a buff.
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