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Old 08-27-2011, 03:26 AM
corrado33 corrado33 is offline
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Default Powerup/bomb spawn slowing when players are near.

All too often I see people sitting at a spawn location waiting for something to come up. Yes, most of the time it's newbies, but my idea could be implemented on certain younger servers? (I don't see this being a problem in ladder.)

Anyway, what I propose is that the spawning time for powerups/bomb increases dramatically when someone is directly over top of it. It is extremely annoying when a newbie camps at a bomb spawn then dies with the bomb in three seconds. It not only is annoying but also disrupting because that team is essentially playing a plane down.

However, once it reaches a certain point (75%) done or so, a normal powerup couldn't be slowed anymore (as a lot of the time people will see it's almost done and sit there for half a second or two, which I can understand)

Sure, we could just kick the campers, but then how would they learn?? Also, what if they don't speak english?

Or we could just implement a system where a team can vote to disallow a person from grabbing the bomb from the spawn location. Nothing wrong with picking it up when someone dies, just not at the spawn location.
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