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Old 09-18-2009, 07:52 PM
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Default [G] The Explodet Guide


Hey, you may know me as Ballin' Shades or just Shades. I've been playing Altitude for a while now and figured I could give back to the community by writing a guide on my favourite plane. I have over 20,000 kills with explodet and have about 1 million XP, so I think I have a pretty good grasp of how to play this plane. If you need clarification on anything, feel I didn't cover something with enough depth or am just plain wrong, PM me and I'll see what I can do.

Why Explodet?

Explodet is large, slow, hard to maneuver and requires you to keep track of your rocket and mines while also piloting, so why play explodet? Because explodet is great at defence, controlling the direction of a battle and once you start getting bars it becomes a juggernaut. Explodet is also the only plane that can significantly change the velocity or direction of another planes movement, so you can send loopies careening into a wall or stop a bomb run in a single attack. There are also a couple ways you can use your rockets and mines to maneuver your plane around and avoid death.

This guide is intended to help you learn the basics of how the explodet works, how to aim your attacks, general tactics, plane matchups and advanced techniques. Becoming good with explodet will give you a better grasp of stall recovery and how to fight against explodets in other planes.

At first you may not feel comfortable in explodet and die before you can build up bars, but once you get used to it you’ll be slamming loopies into walls left and right. As an explodet you’re going to want to avoid open areas with no good escape route, stalling in open areas, and regularly using your attacks close enough to damage you.


Director: This is the best perk to start out with. Your rockets push enemy planes away and you can drop homing mines out of your butt. This is a good perk for area control as you can lay several mines down at a time.

Thermobarics: Same mines as Director but instead of your rockets propelling enemies it twists their nose towards the explosion. This is an interesting perk and very good for base defence. I used this perk for a while until I got comfortable with piloting explodet and aiming rockets/mines. Thermo is good for making people slam into walls, but the twist effect can be negated by a plane slowing down enough if they know you’re thermo. Still a good perk for explodet you should try out.

Remote Mine: The rocket is the same Director but it only drops one mine that looks a bit different. This mine doesn’t home, but instead you detonate it much like your rockets. Until you feel comfortable with using normal mines and rockets I would suggest staying away from Remote, because it is the hardest to use. This is my favourite perk and also the one with the highest skill ceiling for explodet. Explodet pros usually use this perk; some use thermo but being able to detonate your mines is a major advantage.

Rubber Hull: Reduces damage done by walls and the concussive effect of weapons. Use this if you’re not used to flying explodet or you just suck at flying in general. This is a bad perk for explodet.

Heavy Armor: Increases your health, which makes you a tank but as an explodet you take a lot of random damage or self damage and need to heal it. If you don’t mind scavenging health packs or staying near your base choose this perk. The major downside to this perk is that unlike most other planes, when an explodet kills an enemy it is often behind them or at a distance, and you’re too fat and slow to grab all those health kits, which will be picked up by scavenger biplanes.

Repair Drone: Repair health over time as long as you haven’t afterburned recently. This is my favourite green perk for explodet. You’re too slow to grab all the health kits you need or keep returning to your base (if you even have one) so this is your main source of life. As an explodet you WANT people chasing behind you, so don’t be afraid to head to safety and drop some mines while you wait to heal.

Flexible Wings: Improved turning, you also lose less speed when you turn so you can maintain a higher speed easier. Better turning means you’re able to cover multiple choke points easier, can shoot rockets off easier and can survive a bit easier. If you feel comfortable hunting down health kits in big slow explodet or don’t mind returning to base, consider this perk.

Turbo Charger: Recharge your energy faster. I use this as my blue perk for explodet because it allows me to drop mines faster, and use rockets more often. Rarely do I need to drop a whole bar of energy on someone like a bomber or biplane does, so I prefer faster energy recharge.

Ultracapacitor: Increases your maximum energy. This isn’t very useful as an explodet because you have no fast way to unload your attacks on a single person (one goes forward, the other goes backwards!) If you like to lead people into traps and unload on them or like to defend your base this might be the perk for you.

Reverse Thruster: Gives you the ability to fly backwards. I’ve always found reverse thrust to be a waste of a perk. I’d rather be able to kill people more efficiently than be able to fly backwards, and since explodet has the ability to escape stall death with mines reverse thrust seems less useful. Note that your mines and rockets act strangely while reversing. If you really want to fly backwards use this perk.

Ace Instincts: Your veteran bars are 1.5 times as effective. This is a good perk if you’re really good, but if you’re playing against other good players you will probably die too often to make this perk worth it. If you regularly get 3 gold bars you may want to consider trying this perk.

My load-out of choice is Remote Mine, Repair Drone and Turbo Charger. Even though I regularly get 3 gold bars I like turbo charger over ace instincts because it helps me get the first half of my bars quicker and from what I understand turbocharger is effected by veteran bars as well, so at three gold bars you recharge energy very quickly. I sometimes use Flexible Wings over repair drone, but I often find myself taking damage from my own mines or taking small amounts of damage that I need to heal quickly, and since most of the kills I get are behind me or in a dogpile of planes I can’t really get them reliably. If you’re playing TBD Flexible Wings is a very good choice because you can always retreat after taking damage and repair at your base faster than repair drone would have healed you, but in other game modes Repair Drone is my favourite choice.

For players new to explodet I would suggest Director/Thermobarics, Repair Drone, Turbo Charger, but feel free to use whatever load-out you want and experiment to find what works out for you. If you feel you can regularly get and maintain multiple bars take Ace instincts. In my opinion the loadout with the highest skill ceiling is Remote Mine, Flexible Wings, Ace Instincts.

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