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Old 07-20-2010, 05:31 PM
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Post [G] Bomber Guide

By: Hollywood and Mled

Table Of Contents

Part 1 - Getting Start & Perks
Part 2 - Plane Matchups
Part 3 - TBD & General Tactics
Part 4 - TBD Bomber Routes
Part 5 - Ball Bomber
Hello, I go by the username of mled but my real name is matthew. I’ve been playing altitude for a while and figured I should do something useful for this nice gaming community. This guide will be based on my favorite plane, the Bomber. I have played plenty of the plane in altitude and have accumulated 40,000 kills with the plane as well as an in depth understanding of EVERY Bomber perk setup in the game.
Hey, I go by the name of Hollywood. I have more than 30,000 kills and 700 hours of game play plus a huge amount of BALL experience. Most of you already have thoughts or ideas on how you think about this plane when it comes on screen to give you a friendly greeting of loving grenades hurling at great speed to your inevitable doom.

Why Bomber?

The Bomber is an average plane, compared to others
( )
health: 275.0
speed: 9.0
turn: 6.8
weight: 1.15
Range: Varies

The tail-gun/Flak and grenades combination of the bomber make it a very strong defense plane, but its quick turning speed and average plane thrust speed also make it a dreaded plane for a quick counter attack. Therefore this overall good plane makes it a must have for any professional team playing 5v5 TBD.

Red Perks
Suppressor - A great red perk to start off with. This red perk puts a tail gun on your plane which fires in the general direction of the enemy (auto-aim). This is more or less the beginner perk of bomber for the reason that it does much less damage then Bombs or Flak cannon, is easier to control and shoot with. It will still be very helpful even when your playing competitively.

Suppressor Statistics
Cooldown: 0.21756 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 56
last 1.5 seconds and eject at velocity 12
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 78
Cooldown: 0.1296 sec
Energy: 225.0
Damage: 35
lasts 1.3 seconds and eject at velocity 17

Bombs - Massive damage output of 60, but this is largely considered a bad red bomber perk because of how hard it is to use. Bombs are dropped on people, therefore you have to be above a plane to be able to use the bombs which can be bad or good depending on the situation at hand. In conclusion it's better to go with the more reliable Suppressor or Flak perk. (I have begun to use Bombs as much as possible and found that plenty of practice will make perfect, and i plan to be one of the first to master this perk because i sense some potential threat with it.)

Bomb Statistics
Cooldown: 0.21756 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 56
last 1.5 seconds and eject at velocity 12
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 78
Cooldown: 0.136 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 30
last 1.8 seconds and eject at velocity 6
Explosion: 60 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 85

Flak Tail-gun - The final red bomber perk which is unlocked at level 47. Like the name says it's a tail-gun on the back of your plane. This makes it an ideal plane in escape situations. It has a large damage output of 55 (only 5 lower then Bombs) therefore uses more energy then the bombs and much more then suppressor. Therefore this is considered the best Bomber red perk but its weak range makes this arguable. Remember Flak is not an auto aim tail-gun like Suppressor you will need more skill for this weapon. Flak Tail-gun is a very good perk for those players who find are always getting followed by enemy planes and want that extra power to finish or scare away the enemy. Flak gun is a widely used perk and a lot of bombers seem to use because it gives you a strong back gun that in a few fires can kill any enemy.

Flak Tail-gun Statistics
Cooldown: 0.21756 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 55
last 1.5 seconds and eject at velocity 12
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 78
Cooldown: 0.29700002 sec
Energy: 445.0
Damage: 55
last 0.45 seconds and ejects at velocity 20
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 85
“Its like holding a kid at arms length so he cant punch you but you can give him a cheap shot then escape.” -Nipple

Green Perks
Rubberized Hull - Reduces damage done by walls. Like always good for beginners, but a waste of a green perk for more experienced players. Bomber will rarely be surround by walls because it's more effective in open spaces. This perk is mainly for newer players to learn with in normal wall servers so one can get comfortable with the plane but since bouncy walls this perk is not suggested by any bomber players. "It is better to crash and die then get shot at and then crash."

Heavy Armor - Increases your heath. This can be useful for bomber. I personally only use this perk when the map is small or with my Bombs, Heavy Armor, Ultracapacitor combination. I would only recommend this perk if you are the one to be in the action and don't find Repair Drone helpful due to the fact that you can pick up dead enemy planes health.

Repair Drone - Repairs your plane over a period of time. Highly recommended green perk. The bomber already has quite high heath, with its good damage and good range combination make it the perfect plane to stay alive with. Staying behind walls and spamming is key to pinning your opponents attacks with them doing little damage to you (which you will repair with this perk.) Therefore you don't have to leave the area so they don't advance and visa versa with your team attacking.

Flexible Wings - Increased turning capabilities, can be useful but for other planes. Bomber is 3rd in the list of 5 planes with the best turning capabilities, loopy being the first with an astonishing 8.4 and Miranda second with a 7.0. Bomber’s turning is 6.8 which is not a big difference between Miranda. Therefore it's like putting flexi on Miranda. You just wouldn't do it. I personally think there are better green perks for bomber to keep map areas in your teams possession.
Blue Perks
Turbocharger - Recharges your energy faster. This perk is used a lot because it can gain back the energy you need to finish the fight in double the time you would normally. This can be very useful when you need to rush back to your goal to help your team and still have the energy to help. I often use this perk with Suppressor and Repair because shooting my tail-gun uses little energy, you are given time to turn around, shoot with grenades by then your energy is recharged and you are ready to go.

Ultracapacitor - Increases your energy supply. If you enjoy the extra energy to deal out more damage than you would normally this is the perk for you. When using a bomber it gives you a whole extra grenade. It doesn't sound like a lot but it can be helpful in many situations. Also a very, very useful blue perk. This and Turbo are the favored blue perks for bomber. The ultracapacitor with often save your “tail”, my recommendation to players with basic understanding of bomber is to use Flak tail-gun, Repair, and Ultra. The strong power of Flak with the combination of ultracapacitor will allow you to shoot off 4 Flak shots and you can kill ANY PLANE even with heavy armor, the only thing you cant kill is a whale with Heavy Armor and triple golds with Ace Instincts.

Reverse Thrust - You can fly backwards. This is a pretty useless perk for a bomber (good for sniplane)
especially if your playing for a team. This perk is more or less to have fun with the bomber. If you really desire to play Bomber reverse I recommend Flak, with Heavy Armor. The Flak gives the plane a little burst of speed when shooting it, combining that and reverse can sometimes be useful. As seen here;
I would not recommend this perk unless you have an advanced understanding of it.

Ace Instincts - Your veteran bars are 50% times more effective. This can be quite a good perk with bomber. The goal for a bomber in a match is to push enemies back, cutting of certain flight areas. This means enemies will often avoid a bomber unless he is alone. Therefore staying alive with bomber and putting Ace Instincts to the mix can be a recipe for disaster. This perk isn't used in competitive play because the players don't want focus on helping the team.

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