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League Organization Only pertinent league information in here.

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Old 02-16-2018, 04:35 PM
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Default 1-Life Tournament Sunday 18th of February at 8PM UTC


Not sure we will get a large turnout as I have had virtually no time to advertise this, but the format and team sizes will be adjusted as needed. The expectation as of now is to have 1DM, 1DE, and 1BD modes available for selection. The home team will pick the first mode in a best of 3 (subject to change) and the loser picks the next mode. Unfortunately I have been extremely busy this week and still working on maps and need to finalize the details here.

Unless most people who show want to form their own teams quickly, there will most likely be a draft that will occur shortly after 8PM UTC and late arrivals may not be added to teams unless teams are too small. If it is double elimination I think I will allow teams to add one more player after their first loss.

1DM is pretty flexible with team sizes and 1DB will be designed with smaller teams in mind, but 1DE won't work well with teams of less than 4. So my goal is to make as many teams as possible of at least 4 players. I'm expecting to have 3 teams with double elimination. If somehow we get 4 teams I'd expect to randomly pair up the teams to play each other and the two winners will face off for finals.

My expectation is that 100CP will be awarded to the winning team, but I am waiting for Karl to reply confirming he will award CP for the tournament (heard nothing as of Saturday night still, but don't see why he wouldn't want to give CP).

1-Life Death Match (1DM):
I assume just about everyone had played 1DM at some point. If you die you do not respawn until the next round. When one team has been fully eliminated the surviving team gets a point. If both both teams die off at the same time it is a tie.

Expected 1DM maps for the tournament are clocktower (old, but lots of fixes), grotto (night version to allow for red and blue teams to be seen easily), and crystallized.

1-Life Demolition (1DE):
1DE technically has the same win conditions as 1DM but it also adds an additional win condition of destroying one enemy base. Existing maps have always been designed as offense versus defense and this is how it will be for this tournament. However, unlike the 1BD described below bases are destroyed by demolition charges (bombs could be used as well, but no existing 1DE maps include any bombs).

Demolition charges function more like a Ball except it does not get "lost" and cause respawns after not being touched for awhile. So you can throw it and if you die you will drop it. Also as existing maps are offense vs defense, all maps currently have the charges restricted to one team and the other can't pick them up.

To destroy a base you must plant the demolition charge by landing on an enemy base while you have a demolition charge. It takes 3 seconds to plant the bomb on a base and you can be killed by the other team while doing so if not protected. If not defused it will destroy the base in 22 seconds even if the attacking team is completely dead (so if charge is planted the defense MUST defuse to win). To defuse a plane on the defending team must land on the base with the charge for 4 seconds (again can be killed while defusing).

To make it more interesting the defense has two bases to defend. So defenders can't simply sit around at one base unless they hope to get lucky or expect to rush over to the other base and be able to defuse in time. The detonation time was increased significantly from 14 to 22 seconds since the last time 1DE was played, so there will be more time to respond after a charge is planted.

1DE is an amazing mode and deserved to get played far more than it did. Some of you were around when it was being played regularly on my ladder servers like 4-5 years ago, but that was still a relatively brief period of time. I will definitely be bringing it back to ladder and pub servers at some point. But it may be difficult because it works best with larger teams. 4v4 is doable, but I'm doubtful teams of 3 would be much fun.

1-Life Team Base Destruction (1BD)
1BD works the same as 1DM except, like 1DE, base destruction is an additional win condition. However, bombs are used instead of charges. The original 1BD maps were basically just TBD maps with 1-Life and it didn't work well. The version of 1BD that we will try out in this tournament will still be very similar to neutral TBD maps with some very important changes. First maps are designed to allow for decent protection when trying to grab the neutral bomb in the middle.

1BD is too chaotic with more than one bomb, so I'm hoping neutral bombs will solve this (in the future may try offense vs defense, but not for this tournament). It spawns at map start and has a 40s respawn timer. Additionally each team has health powerup (usually 15s respawn), shield (30s respawn), and wall (40s) respawn available and all spawn at the start. Due to slow spawning you need to use them carefully. On two of the maps the wall spawns for each team are right next to each other and will be more difficult to grab. There is also 25s neutral shield spawn at middle of map. To better allow for smaller teams these powerups are necessary to help defend the base without having to sacrifice yourself to block the bomb. There are NO missile powerups available on the 1BD.

Maps have turrets but they are significantly weakened. They do less damage and it doesn't take too much to destroy them.

1BD map screenshots have been uploaded to discord and I'll try to add them here as well a few hours before the tournament.

Note: In 1DE and 1BD you can still land on your team's base. However your hp is NOT restored so there isn't much point except to defuse demolition charges.

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