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Old 09-29-2009, 10:06 PM
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Default [G] Recoilless Biplane Guide

Version 1.1

As you probably all know, Biplane has a lot of different game styles depending on your setup. It's probably the plane with the most diversity, even if the weapons aren't that different from each other. This guide will address one of the most popular biplane setups: recoilless biplane.
I strongly suggest reading The Reverse Thrust Heavy Canonnon Biplane Guide by Beagle if you haven't yet. It's a great read about another popular biplane setup.
Clic Here :

Recoilless isn't easy for a lot of reasons which we will see in the details throughout this guide. But once you become pretty good at it, recoilless biplane provides great satisfaction, flying through enemy formations and getting kills everywhere on the battlefield in an extremely short period of time. You're like a tornado, flying around the map and destroying lone wanderers, while their allies are trying to catch you in vain.

I personally have about 50000 kills with biplane. Almost all of them are with recoilless. I won't say I'm the best recoilless player out there, even if some say so, but I'm certainly not the worst either. And from what I understand, I inspired some great players to play recoilless biplane as their main plane. Images are better than words, so here are two brief introduction video featuring myself playing a few rounds with this setup.
Recoilless Frag Collection
Recoilless Frag collection #2

What's the recoilless biplane?

To put it in a few words: you're the ultimate close combat fighter. If done right, nothing can resist your machinegun at short range. But don't worry; you also have a long range weapon for long distance combat. It's much weaker than the heavy cannon, but it also uses much less energy, and has a much better fire rate. So if you aim well, it will still be very effective. Not only to finish those who try to run for their lives, but also to damage those you're about to engage with your machinegun before they're close enough.

Plus, you're one of the fastest planes there is, outclassed only by the loopy. And even then, in a lot of cases you're faster than they are. Combined with your strong damage resistance (you have almost as much health as a bomber), you can take a lot of hits and continue the combat or retreat quickly if it becomes necessary. But most importantly, you can get to a good position very quickly, because everything is about positioning with recoilless biplane. The best positioning will decide who wins a duel of recoilless biplanes. And it will decide if you win or if you die in a 2+-versus-1 situation. More than once, I've escaped a 7+-versus-1 situation, just because I managed to surprise the enemy and quickly get some place that they weren't expecting, again and again, until I was safe. Note that this also works with bomb carrying, and some of the best bomb carriers there are in the game right now are recoilless biplane users.

Comparing recoilless to the other kinds of biplanes, the major difference is that recoilless has no recoil whatsoever (yeah, I'm not even kidding). This is great for close combat-especially in a small area where you can't afford to stall or decelerate. You can predict where you will be very easily even if you engage an opponent, which isn’t the case when your attacks have recoil. Again, it is a matter of positioning.
Some good dogfighter/Heavy Cannon players are able to use the recoil of their weapons to survive some situations. If there is a downside to the absence of recoil, it's that those tricks aren't possible for us.
You're not as strong as the Heavy Cannon biplane for long distance attacks though, and you usually won't be able to win long distance duels against most planes. So usage of cover that the terrain provides is extremely important.

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