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Old 03-29-2011, 09:12 PM
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Default Insane mafia

Prepare thyself! Insanity is headed your way, in the form of an epic, epic mafia game. This game will begin when Kennedy's current game ends, and is presently slated for 30 players but can be expanded if sign-ups exceed expectations. Here are some reasons why you need to sign up for this game:

1) Everyone gets a role! The moment you all dread when you sign up for a game is opening your role PM to find that you are a vanilla townie. Well, guess what? There are no vanilla townies in INSANE MAFIA. Some roles will be more or less powerful than others, but each and every role is unique (almost every one anyway...) and I've tried my best to make sure each one is at least interesting.

2) No boring/pointless Day 1! First Days in Altitude Mafia games have been plagued by content-free posts saying such interesting and helpful things as "I vote no lynch". Not in INSANE MAFIA! Day 1 will consist of a Mayoral Election, where the town will vote to elect a Mayor rather than voting to lynch someone. The Mayor will have two bodyguards who must be killed before the mayor can be targetted by any actions including night kills. He will select one person at the end of Day 1 to be instantly lynched. His vote will also count as 2 votes. If this sounds really good to you, that's because it is. Electing a mayor that belongs to your team is a great first step to the game and should get everyone participating right off the bat.

3) No waiting and wondering when the next Day/Night transition will be! Days will be 72 hours and Nights will be 48 hours, enforced strictly. The phases will transition at 11pm EST (the actual post may come a bit later depending on what I'm doing that night, but 11pm will be the deadline for actions from that phase). Failure to vote/post during the day phase will result in an immediate modkill and failure to submit night actions will result in losing your night action.

I'm going to bed now, but at some point this thread will be updated with more details about INSANE MAFIA. Trust me, it'll be fun.

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