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League Organization Only pertinent league information in here.

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Old 01-23-2017, 08:06 AM
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Default USA Versus Europe Ball Championships 2017



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Tournament thread from last year:

Game Type: Ball
Game Size: 6v6
Maximum Roster Size: 8
Format: BO7 or BO11
Deadline for Eligibility: Friday April 28th
Starts: Sunday April 30th
Time: 2PM EST
Map Pool: TBA

What you need to know about this BALLTASTIC EVENT:

Team #1 and current undefeated champions: USA (Includes Canada but not Mexico)
Team #2 and current losing team that didn't win a single map last year: Europe

-Top 6 players from each team (Based on ladder rankings found here: are automatically invited to play for their respective region. If they don't want to play or are unable to show up, their spot is offered to the next highest ranked player on the ladder leaderboards.

-Each team can also have 2 substitute players.

-This will be a 1 day BO7 or BO11 match to determine which Altitude players are superior: Americans or Europeans. (Currently American players are the superior nation due to the results of last season's tournament.)

Other key notes:

- Players from the winning team will be eligible to receive special bonus prizes. More details will be posted later.

- Only players in the GOLD tier of ladder qualify for this event.

Average Rating: 2166
Team Strength: Whale

1) George ***gerson (Sweden)
Rating: 2678
Games Played: 214
Win %: 56.1
Best Plane: Director Whale
Strength: Game knowledge and versatility. A master of his craft

2) Sanis (Faroe Islands)
Rating: 2603
Games Played: 109
Win %: 55.0
Best Plane: Randa
Strength: Hiding behind rocks and other obstacles on the map

3) The Metagame (Netherlands)
Rating: 1983
Games Played: 232
Win %: 54.7
Best Plane: Biplane
Strength: One of the best TBD players in Altitude

4) void (Lebanon)
Rating: 1966
Games Played: 35
Win %: 65.7
Best Plane: Whale
Strength: Will score 6 goals for a team as a whale if necessary

5) hulabox (Austria)
Rating: 1887
Games Played: 35
Win %: 57.1
Best Plane: Loopy
Strength: A humble and hard worker that always has a positive attitude

6) Tori-era (Germany)
Rating: 1883
Games Played: 46
Win %: 58.7
Best Plane: Loopy
Strength: tbh, i'm not sure who this guy is, but i'm assuming he must be pretty good. Keep up the good work

SUB 1) JimladSeraph (United Kingdom)
Rating: 1843
SUB 2) mssv (Spain)
Rating: 1758

* * * * * * * * * *

Average Rating: 2183
Team Strength: Randa

1) Brutal (USA)
Ranking: 2474
Games Played: 34
Win %: 73.5
Best Plane: Whale
Strength: After realizing he used to be really bad at this game, he motivated himself to become better. And now he is a decent player

2) woofy (USA)
Ranking: 2288
Games Played: 89
Win %: 61.8
Best Plane: Randa
Strength: Manages to stay alive for 3 minutes collecting every health pack on the map before scoring some ridiculous goal

3) mulu (USA)
Ranking: 2007
Games Played: 94
Win %: 57.4
Best Plane: Randa
Strength: Takes advantage of enemy positioning by playing super aggressively and fast paced

4) Fartface (USA)
Ranking: 1827
Games Played: 20
Win %: 60
Best Plane: Randa
Strength: One of the few randa players that passes the ball to other people on his team which is a nice feeling

5) Funnyhell (Mexico)
Ranking: 1824
Games Played: 19
Win %: 73.7
Best Plane: Loopy
Strength: Hunting down enemy whales and other defenders

Ranking: 2710
Games Played: 106
Win %: 51.9
Best Plane: Whale
Strength: graced with a divine quality known as Dumb Luck

SUB 1) zz (USA)
Rating: 1645
SUB 2) Hollywood (USA)
Rating: 1631

RANKINGS as of 3/31/17

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