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Map Making Discuss everything related to creating new levels here.

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Old 11-15-2015, 09:28 PM
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Default Alti+ Games

This is an Alti+ update, it has come a long way since my last post.

Alti+ supports all normal maps. These maps can be run exactly as they were designed, or you can tweak them a little by changing scales, allowed weapons, or other features. Additionally, for Coop maps, the server can force players to the correct side on a per-map basis. For more information on the server, please visit: . This site contains an INSTALL.txt file to help you setup your own Alti+ server, and a file to help answer questions about creating Alti+ maps. If you would like to create an Alti+ map (and I would love it if you would) this file is a good place to start. I will be happy to work with anyone on making new maps and trouble shooting any issue which arise. Also, it is really easy to run your own alti+server instance, I am happy to help with that as well. After it is up, it is really easy to install the standard maps I have listed below.

Alti+ supports the following extended game types:

Races: You score goals for crossing checkpoints, the first team to cross them all (in-order) wins the race. This can be pure flying skill with weapons disabled, or more like Mario Kart with weapons enabled. Race maps are not only won, but the winning time is stored in the record books along with the winning racers nickname. Having a leader board to aspire to makes the game more compelling, I think.

Flag: You score a goal each time you capture the opposing team's flag. This game type plays a lot like TBD. But, without having to wait for a bomb, I am hoping it is a little more intense. This should make the game more enjoyable for defensive players, as attacks on the flag will come more often, and there will be no bomb carrier indication to snap them into attention. I think this mode will allow for smaller maps than TBD, but time will tell. All human players respawn after a flag is captured (I can't force bots to respawn).

Ruin: This was originally called "Raze", but Alti is hard enough on non-native english speakers without me using words they probably haven't seen before. Additionally, it looked a little too much like "race". In this game type, you have to destroy all enemy structures (not just a base). The structures could be bases (multiple or just one) or turrets, or a combination of both. My alti+server counts counts all the structures defined in the map, and scores a goal every time 1/6th (assuming your server is configured for the default of 6 goals wins; it reads this value from the server config, so whatever your value is, it will work) of the structures are destroyed. Additionally, as you get close to finishing, it gives you a count-down. This type has two variants. If you also set "assignTeam", then it acts more like Coop, where all players are assigned to one team. If a player dies (crashing or killed by bot), then the opposing team gets a point. So, it is a little like Coop, but you can loose. In fact, with bots set to the highest level, it is easier to loose than you would think. If "assignTeam" isn't set, then each team in this varient must destroy all structures before the opposing team in order to win.

MDG: This stands for "Most Dangerous Game", it is for asymmetric game play. Here, all but one player is assigned to one team. You can "/vote prey <nick>" if everyone agrees who that should be. This Mode is designed for those really great players (we all know who they are, and I'm not one of them) which can stand up to a team of 6 players by themselves. This game type works with TDM and 1DM. I personally think 1DM is the most compelling, but it still needs a little work with respect to rounds. If the server was set to single round 1-life play, it would work great.

I have examples of these map type, and the next few posts will illustrate them. These maps can all be found on the "Team+" server, and my testing server "Map QA".

If you download the below maps and re-package them, you are probably going to loose the Alti+ configuration file "plus.txt" which sits in the root of the altx archive file. You can go here to get it back:
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