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Clan Organization Clan recruiting and other things clans want publicized.

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Old 10-13-2011, 09:29 PM
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Default (5) Clan New Thread

5 clan is for every player with a potential thats looking for a friendly team!
We will do some scrims in the near future and participle in proleague events,
Recruitment is currently Closed, but you can still contact bot1998 if you wish to join and fell free to post suggestions to this thread.
(5) Clan, Leading the way to innovation ( apple inc.)
(5) clan, We do what we must, because we can ( Valve)[/CENTER]

Clan rules:

no swearing in the game
be friendly
respect the Executives
respect each other
add friend bot1998
No member can be in more then a clan besides (5)
For any name change, please notify bot1998

Clan Levels:
Intermediate Member
Advanced Member
PRO Member, This is a Prestigious level, only given to the Best

Clan Teams:
Note: All member have to join at least one team, maximum team you can join is 3, to join any of those teams, please notify The Marvel.

(5) TBD Team:
(5)zack5171: A+
(5)HapkidoBB : B
(5) rto_c : A
(5) PortalFreak: A
(MAD)(5)HighJet: A+
(5) poptikel: A+
(5) Bot1998: A+
(5)GDestro{XxX}: B
[ORION] C4 Explo(5): B
(5)werty1553: A

(5) Ball Team:
(5) Destiny:A+
(5) Bot1998: A+
(MAD) Scyc (5): A+
(5)werty1553: A

(5) 1-Life Team
(5) Sprn [Orion].rev : A+, Team Captain
(5)HapkidoBB : B
(5)GDestro{XxX}: B
(MAD) Scyc (5): A+
[ORION] C4 Explo(5): B

(5) Co-Op team:
(MAD) Scyc (5): A+
(5) PortalFreak: A
(5) rto_c : A
[GER](5)Swords{BB}: A+
[ORION] C4 Explo(5): B
(5) Reborn: A+
(5)werty1553: A

Clan Executives:

Level C, CEO & leader
(5) Sprn
(5) G-Destro
(5) Nightfury [CT]
Level A+, chief trainer
Level A+, captain, recruiting agent
Level B, trainer
Henry Flower (5):
Level A+, server admin

Clan Members:

BBHapkidoF117: B
F-117CaptainJack(5): B
(5)GDestro{XxX}: B
(5)Swords: B
(5) Sprn [Orion].rev : A+
(5) poptikel: A+
(MAD)(5)HighJet: A+
(5) Destiny:A+
(5) Medo : A+
Bott (5): A+
(5) poptikel: A+
(5) Bot1998: A+
(5) Hamper: A+
(5) Oyster: A+
(5) Reborn: A+
[TH]J-DOG jammer (5): A+
[PewPew]Exit(5): A+
(5) Sprently: A+
(5) MonkeyShuffle: A+
(5)mexicanPower :A+
(MAD) Scyc (5): A+
///tVo$Bras$(5).cr: A+
[ORION] C4 Explo(5): B
(5)zack5171: A+
(5) firebird: A+
(MAD)steph>(5).rev: A+
(5) HOOG[/B]: A+
methodiusman(5) : A+
(5) Superspice11: A
(5) Bruce Wayne : A
(5) rto_c : A
(5) PortalFreak: A
(5) TheGear668
(5)Jetstream{XxX}: A
(5)werty1553: A
NOTE: For any Errors/oversights please notify bot1998

Inactive Members:
A player is classified Inactive after 20 days without connecting
[FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="3"][PewPew]Mattsu!i(5) A+
=AL=![ACE 1life (5) : A
(5) Turtles Forever : A
(5) rayzman18 : A

Training will be held every sunday from 4-7pm Est time
at our (5) public server, all members are invited to drop in.

News and Events:

-We now have a server: (5) Public
- We are now in friendship with the clan rev.
-We are now in Partnership with the clan =ASF=
-Welcome to our newest Member : werty1553

-How to join?
if your interested in joining, please contact (5) bot1998 .

-What is it about?
(5) clan is a clan for all the friendly, not swearing people in the game we recruit pros as well as rookie. We will soon have training hours, competitions, and clan wars!

-How do you Level up?
When you first Join (5), you are a Level A member. After a certain period of time you become a Level A+ member. For Level B and C, you will be tested when you and the Leaders feels you are ready for it

Level info (subject to change):
A+: you've got to be at least level 60 to become A+ and had 3 weeks experience in (5) clan.
B: level B is obtained after a 3 parts test and only level A+ members can test :
Part #1, kill the trainer 10 times Before he kills you 15 in your choice of plane to pass.
Part #2, kill the trainer 20 times in ? in 12 minutes to pass.
Part #3, kill the trainer once in 30 seconds in either miranda or loopy (this will test your pursuit abilities) to pass.
C: Level is is obtained after a 5 part test, and only level B members can test:
Part #1, this part will be held in a medium full ball server (football map with 5-10 players), goal 3 times with the help of the trainer to pass.
Part #2, this part will be held in a medium full tbd server (5-14 players), bomb base at least once to pass.
Part #3, this part will be held in a medium full 1-life server, survive while killing 2 players to pass.
Part #4, this part will be held in a Full ffa server (10-14 players), finish in the top 3 to pass.
Part #5, this part Co-op server, accomplish a map with the help of the trainer and other players to pass this test.[/LEFT]
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