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Old 08-30-2010, 08:51 PM
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Default Explodet Bombing

PLEASE NOTE: I wrote this guide before Woken posted his on the forums, and didnít bother editing out parts he had already covered. Therefore, some of this routes I show may contain some repetitive material. Hopefully this guide will serve as a helpful addition to Wokenís guide.
ALSO: I really donít wanna deal with hate so if you think this guide is a waste of time, donít think Iím qualified to write it, etc., please keep it to yourself. What Iíd like to see are helpful suggestions, constructive criticism, and friendly debates.

Hi everyone! My name is Fartface and Iím making this short guide to tell you about bombing with the explodet (the fat plane). Bombing with the explodet isnít easyóyou need to have a basic understanding for how the plane works in order to do it, so I wouldnít recommend trying this tactic until after a few months of playing the explodet. Even then, this tactic isnít a great idea for competitive play and certainly not for ladder, where people might rage at you for bombing with what, from their perspective, is the worst bomber in the game. However, explodet bombing can be great for last resort partial or even full base hits: if the bomb runner on your team dies, you can pick up the bomb and do a fast lob to the base (more about that later). Alternate names for this guide could include [G] Last Resort Bombing and [G] Having fun in public servers. Iím by no means the best player at this tactic, and Iím sure that some players like Stormich and Loli have used these explodet bombing routes before. But as far as I know, they arenít planning to write a guide about it, so Iíll just do the best I can.

If you plan to bomb with the explodet (or at least be capable of doing so if needed), perk choices are fairly obvious. I recommend Remote Mine, Flexible Wings, and Turbocharger. Remote Mine makes mine boosting off of walls a lot easier, and it isnít even possible to do long lobs with Director or Thermobarics. Flexible Wings make it far easier to maneuver yourself in front of walls and your own mines, and if youíre bombing you shouldnít need to repair anyway. Turbocharger allows you to continue pooping out mines, which is the key to explodet bombing. Luckily, Remote Mine/ Flexible Wings/ Turbocharger is a great setup for competitive play as well, so you can play seriously while still being ready for the last resort.

1) Wall Boost: The first thing you need to learn in order to gain speed with this otherwise slow plane is mine boosting off of walls. To do this, line yourself up in front of a wall and shoot a mine behind you to shoot yourself forwards. This tactic is useful to surprise your enemyóif the opposing team is bearing down upon you, you can do a quick wall boost and get right past them if youíre lucky. Beware: each time you boost off of a wall, you self-inflict a small amount of damage, so only boost when necessary. Once you get used to the motion, try to line yourself up with a wall without having to slow down too much. I donít include a video of mine boosting off of walls because itís pretty basic stuff that players do all the time.
2) Mine Lobs: This starts to get tricky, but it can be a perfect way to surprise the opposing team. To perform what I call a mine lob, you MUST equip remote mine. In order to mine lob, you poop out a mine in a certain spot, circle back to it (this is where flexible wings becomes priceless), and detonate the mine while you are right in front of it. Set the angle at which you want the bomb to fly before you detonate the mine. Usually mine lobs are done from afar as last resort bombs, because if you are close enough, wall boosting is far less risky. Therefore, to make the bomb travel the maximum distance, press S a split second after pressing D to detonate your mineópress them almost simultaneously. The force from your mine enters the bomb, making it go fast and straight with minimum arc. This makes the bomb very difficult to predict and therefore block. Only do this as a last resort because half of the time, if not more, your bomb will miss the base entirely.

I understand that the mine lobbing may not make perfect sense to you in words, so below I have included drawings of the routes you can take on 12 of the official maps as well as short video clips of me performing them (to show you that itís possible). I didnít include Planepark, Underpark, or Nuclear because I couldnít find any useful lobbing routes there. I also excluded Bowsercastle, Scrapyard, and Justice because they are only ladder maps, and I strongly recommend keeping away from this tactic in ladder. On Hillsówell, suffice it to say that on Hills you can probably lob the bomb from anywhere on the map and hit the base. One thing to remember for all of these maps is that you can hopefully catch the opposing team off guard with the first few lobs (when you release a bomb from afar the other team wonít be expecting it to come to their base), but repeating them over and over again will start getting less and less viable as the other team knows what to prepare for. I recorded the videos in an empty server because itís easier and faster than doing it in a 7v7 public server. The circles marked on my drawings are where you should place the mine, and the arrow is the path that the bomb should follow. Infinite thanks to Pieface for helping with the screenshots and videos.

1) Asteroids: There arenít a lot of great routes on asteroids: the top routes that I show should be used for last resort, and the ones through the small crack in the asteroids are just ones that I thought were cool but are all but impossible in 7v7 or even 5v5 play.

2) Cave: The top routes that I drew are actually viable. These are some of the routes that you can feel free to pick up the bomb and purposefully use it there, unless if your team asks you to stop. The bottom routes are more difficultóyou have to get the angle exactly right so only try it for last resort play. Also note that because of the rock placement, the yellow team will have an easier time using the top route while the green team will have more space for the bottom route.

3) Core: The top routes here are somewhat difficult to master but very hard for the opposing team to block; because this map has a communal bomb feel free to use it right away. The bottom routes are incredibly hard to use 5v5 and up so keep them for last resort if your bomb is stranded down there.

4) Fallout: The top routes here are amazingly effective once you are able to hit the gap consistently, mostly because lobbing from your own side of that gray slab is very safe. The opposing team will have trouble getting the hang of blocking the bomb there, too. The bottom routes: last resort play only.
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