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Server News Announcements related to privately hosted servers.

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Old 07-27-2010, 08:18 PM
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Default Dojo News

Follow @BallDojo on Twitter.

Check out the official Dojo Blog.


If you enjoy playing on Dojo servers and would like to donate funds to help cover hosting expenses, you may do so using the link below. Any and all donations received will be considered an expression of appreciation for past services rendered, and as such, donations will not buy influence or admin privileges for anyone. All that being said, I certainly appreciate donations!

Dojo Donations


10/01/2011 --- Thank you WashCycle, for letting me know that the server was down!
10/01/2011 --- Updated Dojo admin and server lists.
02/28/2011 --- Dojo #2 is temporarily shutdown until recurring technical issues can be resolved.
02/28/2011 --- Fiddled with map rotation a little.
02/??/2011 --- Other new maps added (ball_sewer, ball_pegs, ball_factory)
02/03/2011 --- New map added! (ball_swarm, by Polio and Nikon)
02/02/2011 --- New map added! (ball_arcade, by Polio and Nikon) Check it out!
11/11/2010 --- List of 'Dojo Rules' started. Message to the community added (look down a couple posts).
11/11/2010 --- Dojo Admin list updated.
11/01/2010 --- New (rough draft) prototype of ball_risk available on Dojo servers for testing.
11/01/2010 --- Dojo #2 moved from New York data center, to Atlanta.
10/24/2010 --- Raised max ping on Dojo #2 from 175 to 200.
10/24/2010 --- Removed some of the lesser played custom maps from both Dojos. Added older version of ball_risk, shuffled the map order a bit to get more action for ball_snow. Removed ball_lostcity from the map rotation, but it's still votable.
9/30/2010 --- Dojo #2 had the dedicated CPU core option removed. Clear hardware performance differences between Dojo #1 and #2 were not evident, and costs must be reduced in order to keep both Dojo servers running.
9/29/2010 --- Major Payne added as Dojo admin.
9/22/2010 --- Newer version of ball_sideshow was uploaded somewhat recently.
9/22/2010 --- Max ping for Dojo #2 was changed from 200 to 175.
8/19/2010 --- tgleaf added as Dojo admin on Dojo #1 and Dojo #2.
8/19/2010 --- Added server information for Dojo #1 and #2 to this thread.

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