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Old 04-07-2014, 09:08 PM
Solqom Solqom is offline
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Default Can't connect to Altitude

When I try to launch Alti it gets to the "checking for updates" part of the log in then times out, leaving me with the connection problem window.

I don't think it's a problem with the router as my laptop connects every time.

Things I've tried:

• Restarted router/pc.
• Checked the firewall, antivirus and ports. Disabled them/changed them etc.
• A fresh install.
• Turning Upnp off and on again
• gamepadController="DISABLED"

In the below log the line saying "No UPnP gateway found" sounds like it's the problem to me. But I've tried everything I can think of other than trying a wired network connection, as that would mean moving my desktop.

INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:17,783] [main]: Initialized logger: file=log\Altitude.log, level=DEBUG, pattern=%p [%d{ISO8601}] [%t]: %m%n, maxFileSize=100KB, maxBackups=1, wasInitialized=false
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:18,002] [main]: Using any available IP (wildcard).
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:18,009] [Thread-1]: Requesting UPnP information for
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:18,036] [Thread-2]: Server lookup complete:
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:18,052] [main]: Display.init
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:18,125] [main]: Display.desktopResolution=1680x1050
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:18,211] [Thread-3]: Internet lookup complete: Connected
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:20,616] [Thread-1]: No UPnP gateway found
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:20,990] [main]: setDisplayMode(1680 x 1050 x 32 @60Hz, fs=true, vsync=true)
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:22,936] [main]: Display.reportedFrequency=60
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:22,936] [main]: Display.targetedFrequency=60
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:22,972] [main]: Distributor is nimblygames
WARN [2014-04-07 21:37:23,080] [main]: Failed to set display configuration: Failed to set device gamma.
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:23,896] [main]: Found 5 game controllers: Wacom Virtual Hid Driver, Wacom Virtual Hid Driver, USB Receiver, Logitech G35 Headset, USB Receiver (2 other controllers)
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:23,896] [main]: Controller disabled
WARN [2014-04-07 21:37:26,566] [main]: hitch = 85ms (average = 17ms)
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:34,560] [main]: onVersionResponse: <invalidRequest=true, message=Timed out waiting for version response., version=0.0.0, vaporAuthenticationMethod=null>
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:40,659] [main]: Using any available IP (wildcard).
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:40,660] [Thread-14]: Requesting UPnP information for
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:40,660] [Thread-15]: Server lookup complete:
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:40,661] [Thread-16]: Internet lookup complete: Connected
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:43,261] [Thread-14]: No UPnP gateway found
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:51,305] [main]: onVersionResponse: <invalidRequest=true, message=Timed out waiting for version response., version=0.0.0, vaporAuthenticationMethod=null>
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:53,352] [main]: Are you sure you want to quit?
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:53,353] [main]: Cleaning up altitude!
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:54,945] [main]: destroying display
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:54,945] [main]: frame exited
INFO [2014-04-07 21:37:54,945] [main]: client exit

Just wanted a quick game, but I've spent over an hour fiddling! Help :[
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Old 04-08-2014, 07:06 PM
lamster lamster is offline
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Weird -- how old is the network card on your pc? It may be worth experimenting with some config options:

Windows Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Network adapters -> right click your ethernet card and select Properties
[nForce 4 chipset] Under the "Advanced" tab, find "Checksum Offload" and change it to Disabled.
[other ethernet cards] Under the "Advanced" tab, find "Transmit Buffers" and change the value to 512.
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