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Old 08-26-2011, 04:30 AM
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Default Players Cannot Connect to Server

I have been trying to set up a server for a couple years now, (only several tries, not 2 straight years of failures) but I have tried almost everything, and nothing seems to work. Every time I run the launcher, I get

"Your Altitude servers are behind an improperly configured router and/or firewall. This means other players will not be able to join your servers."

I then try turning off my Firewall, and setting up some ports, but nothing works. I have tried every combination of settings.

Please help soon! I have a Mac OSX 10.4.1 with a Linksys Router, but built in ethernet.
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Old 08-26-2011, 04:53 PM
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I dont know what router you have so I wrote the example using a Linksys WRT54G.

Setting up your home router can be tricky and sometimes they simply don't work.

1. Configure your Altitude servers using the server_configurator.exe. Make sure you keep track of the ports you use. By default it starts at port 27275 and each server requires a port. So if you're running one server by default you need to open up ports 27275 and 27276.

2. On the computer the Altitude servers are running make sure you configure any software firewall (Norton, McAfee and other "anti viruses" come w/ firewalls) including every OS (windows, mac, linux) has a built in firewall included. Every firewall is different and you're best off searching the internet for instructions on how to do port fowarding for your particular software firewall. For example I used Google and search for "Mac OSX 10.4 firewall" which gave the first hit

Configure your router This is where 99% of people get stumped when trying to set up a server. The software on home routers is so bad it might be impossible to configure it to work.

3. Enable UPnP - Search for "Linksys wrt54g enable UPnP". If you're lucky your router supports UPnP and it actually works. According to this the Linksys wrt54g supports UPnP so hopefully we are done!

======== See below only if UPnP does not work ========

3a. Configure your router to assign your computer (the computer hosting the Altitude servers) the same IP address (static ip).
For example I searched for "linksys wrt54g static ip" and people are saying this is not possible on the linksys wrt54g so I have to manually assign my IP address on the computer, see step 3b.

3b. Do this only if your router does not support assigning static IP addresses. Manually setting your IP on the computer using a Mac I searched "mac 10.4 static ip" and got In order to manually set your IP you need to know a few things:
IP address - what IP address can you use? For the linksys wrt54g it assigns IPs (called DHCP) from the range to so I can use any IP from to you have to make sure no other computer on your network is using the IP address you chose. If two or more computers on your network use the same IP both computers will experience problems connecting to the local network and the internet.
Subnet mask - 99.999% of the time on home routers the subnet mask is
Default gateway - This is the IP address of your router. By default the linksys wrt54g has IP address
Preferred DNS server - You can usually find this information on the status page of your routers website configuration page. In your browser type the URL If for some reason you cannot find this information you can use Google DNS servers which have IP addresses and (more info
Alternate DNS server - This is a backup to preferred dns.

4. Most Macs have both wireless and wired network connections... You must tell Altitude which one to use, open the server_configurator again and type in your static IP address in the field "Bind IP".

5. In the Altitude Server Configurator uncheck "UPnP enabled".

6. Configure your router to port forward ports 27275 to 27276 to your static IP. For the protocol use BOTH or UDP. Searching for "linksys wrt54g port forward". You will get this page which tells you other necessary hints such as "Remove the check mark from the Block Anonymous Internet Requests checkbox. "

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Old 10-25-2011, 04:29 PM
|HF|Binarian |HF|Binarian is offline
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Did you get this resolved? Do you require additional information?
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Old 11-03-2011, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by |HF|Binarian View Post
Did you get this resolved? Do you require additional information?
Okay, I finally figured out what was wrong. I had always been doing the right port forwarding and everything, but the problem was that I had upnp turned on, and port forwards on. I tried turning the ports on, and upnp off, and it worked. If you think you have done everything right, and it still pops up with: "you're router/firewall has been setup incorrectly..." then try either turning upnp off, or leaving upnp on, but turning port forwarding off. Hope it helps.

Da General
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