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Dedicated Server Discuss technical issues related to hosting your own servers.

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Old 01-27-2012, 06:17 AM
{T}Blasty McDick 8==D {T}Blasty McDick 8==D is offline
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Default Can't see server in the list

I'm playing around and trying to get a server up and running, but for some reason it's not populating in the server list in-game. Here's what I see from the command prompt:

altitude@Intrepid:~/altitude$ ./server_launcher 
INFO  : Initialized console logger
INFO  : Loading ServerLauncher config from /home/altitude/altitude/servers/launcher_config.xml
INFO  : PID is 11381 [written to /home/altitude/altitude/servers/]
INFO  : Reading commands from /home/altitude/altitude/servers/command.txt
INFO  : Logging server activity to /home/altitude/altitude/servers/log.txt
INFO  : Loading ban list from /home/altitude/altitude/servers/ban_list.xml
INFO  : Loading dynamic command JSON definitions from /home/altitude/altitude/servers/custom_json_commands.txt
INFO  : Configuring UPnP
INFO  : No UPnP gateway found
INFO  : Resolving update server
INFO  : Update server is
INFO  : Initializing update module on local IP, UDP port 27275
INFO  : Initial update check result: LOCAL_VERSION_IS_UP_TO_DATE
INFO  : Initializing 'Blasty's Balls of Fury' on UDP port 27276
WARN  : Map rating file does not exist: servers/map_rating_27276.xml
INFO  : Starting server on port 27276
INFO  : Distributor is nimblygames
INFO  : Changing map: ball_atmosphere
INFO  : Starting 1 game servers
INFO  : Starting update poller
INFO  : [Data Transfer Since Launch] Outgoing: 0.000 GB, Incoming: 0.000 GB
INFO  : Server is already listed on master server list, no need to send hello.
INFO  : Update check result: LOCAL_VERSION_IS_UP_TO_DATE, free memory: 41.7 / 61.9 MB
So what am I doing wrong folks? Where is Blasty's Balls of Fury?????
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Old 01-31-2012, 08:40 PM
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no UPnP gateway found. Either turn it off in your server config, or go to your router and make sure that all your server ports are forwarded and check to see it upnp is on in your router
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