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Old 02-11-2017, 10:46 PM
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Default ffa_coop_wrap_around

My first try at an FFA COOP map is ready. The map is significantly more difficult because it is ffa. I actually made a map which, if regular coop, would be pretty easy.

If you are going to help someone across the shaft with a missle, let it go early to help it build up speed, that helps them get across. If you don't have help to get across and you have rev, use the notch on the waiting pad, stick your nose into it, rev up, turn, then rev across. You can make it across that way about 90% of the time, even if you don't time your go with the turret fire (100% if you get the timing down).

I found an interesting bug/feature in Altitude. On FFA, you cannot kill turrets the same color as you. HOWEVER, they can kill you! I purposely set the turrets at the bottom the left-middle section as colors which would make it hard to set an individual record. I did this b/c part of what makes this map difficult is working with other players who can kill you. By ourself, that would actually make it easier.

The end is a little anti-climactic in ffa_coop, so I tried to make it as exciting as possible, with a pretty winning powerup and fireworks.

I hope you like it.



The walls have a 3D effect I created using an alpha-color technique, I hope you like it.

Currently on:

* Coop+

If it proves to be too hard for Coop+, I will move it to Coop+ Advanced.
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