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Tech Support Trouble running the game? Found a bug? Post here.

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Old 05-05-2008, 03:35 AM
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Default ReadFirst! Errors/Bugs/Fixes

If you have found a bug (error/problem) please read other threads in the forum to make sure someone hasn't already reported this bug to us. Also fully read this post for well known bugs and workarounds.

Bug Reporter
  1. Crash bug
    1. Most game crashes are gracefully handled and should pop up a dialog asking you to submit a bug report. Please do so. Otherwise manually submit log files as described below "Submitting a new bug when bug reporter fails"
  2. Non crash bug
    1. Open the console (default key is ` or F1 (usually the key left of 1 also called the tilde key ~))
    2. Type reportBug into the console
    3. press enter.
    4. A "Bug Reporter" dialog should open
    5. Close the console by pressing ` or Escape
    6. Fill in the requested info into the Bug Reporter dialog and click submit
    7. Bug Reporter can take up to a minute to run as it gathers all necessary hardware info

Submitting a new bug when bug reporter fails
When creating a new thread in this forum reporting a bug please include the following:
  1. All log files: These are found in the log directory of Altitude (Windows: C:\Program Files\Altitude\log, Linux: /usr/local/altitude/log)
  2. Your System Information
    1. Windows (XP and Vista)
      1. open up a the run dialog (Start->Run...)
      2. Paste into the Open text field exactly:
      3. Code:
        dxdiag /t %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\MySystemInfo.txt
      4. Wait a few seconds
      5. On your desktop there will now be a file called "MySystemInfo.txt". Attach this file to your post.
    2. Linux (Ubuntu verified)
      1. Open up a console window
      2. Paste into the console window exactly:
      3. (Ubuntu distros)
        lshw > MySystemInfo.txt
      4. (RedHat distros)
        dmidecode > MySystemInfo.txt
      5. Wait a few seconds
      6. In your current console directory there will be a file called "MySystemInfo.txt". Attach this file to your post.
    3. Mac (OSX verified)
      1. Open up a terminal window (In finder search for terminal)
      2. Paste into the terminal window exactly:
      3. Code:
        system_profiler -detailLevel mini > MySystemInfo.txt
      4. Wait a few seconds
      5. In your current terminal window directory there will be a file called "MySystemInfo.txt". Attach this file to your post.

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