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The Water Cooler Discuss unrelated topics. Keep it clean. Keep it nice.

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Old 09-26-2009, 08:35 AM
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Exclamation Water Cooler Forum Rules

See for general forum rules.

This forum will be loosely moderated... If your post gets reported and you violated a forum rule you will receive an infraction.

Lighthearted and off topic subjects are allowed here. Discuss other games you enjoy playing, tv shows and other non controversial, political, religious, racist, hateful topics.

Q: I want the rules changed:
The Altitude Forums were set up first and foremost for Technical Support and Suggestions.

Later it became apparent that people needed an easy place to organize Altitude Pro leagues, so we added a forum for that because it's pertinent to Altitude.

So on and so forth every forum we added was pertinent to the playing of Altitude.

The water cooler was eventually added because people naturally want to discuss other topics such as "Is Kuja a girl". All topics that don't belong in the Altitude forums but people were posting about anyways so we made a water cooler thread.

The reason we strictly disallow any controversial topics is because we are a business and we will be blamed for any and all content on our website. Even if our forum software had an age verification system and we could restrict 18+ to a particular forum I wouldn't do it because it's just bad business. If people are offended on our forums they will associate it with Nimbly Games and will avoid our products in the future.

I realize there is offensive content from users in the game but we don't have the technology or man power to prevent it. We do what we can.

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