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Map Making Discuss everything related to creating new levels here.

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Old 05-08-2008, 12:49 AM
Esoteric Esoteric is offline
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Default Editor Wish List

Any features missing from the editor? Just can't do without those realistic water effects? This is the place to beg.

Color multiple geoms at once.
More decimals in scaling options.
Ability to type input into transform rather than just sliders.
Ability to go below 0 in Visual Bounds.
You can go above the game view's max, why not the min as well? Alternatively a way to displace the game view's initial x and y to numbers above 0 would accomplish the same goal.
Import Downloadable Level.
Ability to view level parallaxed in any direction while still in editor. It'd be nice to be able check for mistakes and accuracy in-editor. Not really pivotal.

I think that's it from me besides general advancements in powerups and props (like arrow boost.)
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Old 05-09-2008, 09:14 PM
Esoteric Esoteric is offline
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Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 211

--If there is an illegal geom in a level the illegal geom and any created after it in the editor will not exist. A warning message would be nice instead of just the red wireframe on the illegal geom.

--You can have an illegal geom that is not "red wireframed" if it has vertices similar to (0,0),(1,0),(1,1),(2,1),(0,1) where a line doubles back on itself exactly rather than actually crossing over. Took me a while to figure that one out.
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