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Acquiring an Account

Public registration on the wiki is currently disabled in response to a large number of bots that began to join and spam the living daylights out of it. To get an Altitude Wiki account, send a Private Message requesting that an account be made for you to Pieface, mikesol, or anyone else on the forums who already has one.

Basic Formatting

Getting used to wiki markup can seem like a daunting task at first but really isn't that bad. Wikipedia has an excellent tutorial on how stuff works and it shouldn't take much time to understand at all. If you've used HTML before, feel free to write in that - however, there are many shortcuts you can use in wiki syntax that get interpreted as HTML but save a lot of time in the writing process.

Here's a small intro to the most important elements of wiki editing:

Wiki Markup
Syntax Description
== Text == Heading. See "Basic Formatting" above.
=== Text === Subheading - the header pattern continues.
__TOC__ Table of Contents. See markup at the top of this page for how it is used.
''Text'' Italics
'''Text''' Bold
'''''Text''''' Bold Italics
[[Internal page|text]] Links to a wiki page with specified text. For example, [[Proleague 2010 (Season 4)|APL4 page]] yields APL4 page.
[ExternalURL text] Links to an external page with specified text. For example, [ Forums] yields Forums.

For more advanced usage in context check out the APL4 page which showcases features such as bulleted lists, image incorporation, and wiki table pipe-syntax.


Now that you know the basics of editing the wiki, you should try it out! Make sure you have an account and are logged in. Head over to the Sandbox page and edit it to your heart's content - it's easy to reset and is a good place to practice before you start adding actual content to the rest of the site.