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Dedicated Server Discuss technical issues related to hosting your own servers.

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Old 07-05-2016, 05:27 PM
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Default JSON Log Reference

The old list is a little out of date, so I wrote a new one, accurate as of 5th July 2016, which includes the types of all the parameters.
I guess most of us have something like this somewhere, but for those who dont:

###### Events ######

assist                  player victim xp
chat                    player message server team blocked
clientAdd               player nickname ip vaporId aceRank level demo
clientNicknameChange    player oldNickname newNickname ip vaporId
clientRemove            player nickname ip vaporId reason message
consoleCommandExecute   source group command arguments
customCommand           command
demolitionChargeDefused player
demolitionChargePlanted player
goal                    player xp assister secondaryAssister
kill                    player victimPositionX victimPositionY victimVelocityX victimVelocityY xp streak multi source
logPlanePositions       positionByPlayer
logServerStatus         playerIds nicknames ips vaporIds tournamentInProgress
mapChange               map mode
mapLoading              map
objectiveGameEnd        winningTeam timeSeconds
objectiveGameStart      leftTeam rightTeam
pingSummary             pingByPlayer
powerupAutoUse          player powerup positionX positionY velocityX velocityY
powerupDefuse           player powerup xp positionX positionY velocityX velocityY
powerupPickup           player powerup positionX positionY velocityX velocityY
powerupUse              player powerup positionX positionY velocityX velocityY
roundEnd                winnerByAward participants participantStatsByName
serverHitch             duration changedMap
serverInit              name maxPlayerCount
sessionStart            date
spawn                   player team plane perkRed perkGreen perkBlue skin
structureDamage         player target xp exactXp
structureDestroy        player target xp
teamChange              player team
tournamentRoundEnd      result winners losers
tournamentStart         team0 team1
tournamentModified      team0 team1

####### Parameters #######

type:                   String,
port:                   int,
time:                   int,

aceRank:                int,
arguments:              Array<String>,
assister:               int,
blocked:                bool,
changedMap:             bool,
command:                String,
date:                   String,
demo:                   bool,
duration:               int,
exactXp:                int,
group:                  String,
ip:                     String,
ips:                    Array<String>,
leftTeam:               int,
level:                  int,
losers:                 Array<String>,
map:                    String,
maxPlayerCount:         int,
message:                String,
mode:                   String,
multi:                  int,
name:                   String,
newNickname:            String,
nickname:               String,
nicknames:              Array<String>,
oldNickname:            String,
participantStatsByName: Map<String,Array<int>>,
participants:           Array<int>,
perkBlue:               String,
perkGreen:              String,
perkRed:                String,
pingByPlayer:           Map<String,int>,
plane:                  String,
player:                 int,
playerIds:              Array<int>,
positionByPlayer:       Map<int,String>,
positionX:              float,
positionY:              float,
powerup:                String,
reason:                 String,
result:                 int,
rightTeam:              int,
secondaryAssister:      int,
server:                 bool,
skin:                   String,
source:                 String,
streak:                 int,
target:                 String,
team0:                  Array<String>,
team1:                  Array<String>,
team:                   int,
timeSeconds:            int,
tournamentInProgress:   bool,
vaporId:                String,
vaporIds:               Array<String>,
velocityX:              float,
velocityY:              float,
victim:                 int,
victimPositionX:        float,
victimPositionY:        float,
victimVelocityX:        float,
victimVelocityY:        float,
winnerByAward:          Map<String,int>,
winners:                Array<String>,
winningTeam:            int,
xp:                     int,
Team can also be a bool, in the chat events, so if you're parsing each event into a single structure in a statically typed language by some automatic process, might wanna regex that: (and hope nobody has "team":true in their nickname I suppose ^^)

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