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1DE - 1-Life Demolition is a game mode very different from the others and requires a significant amount of strategy. A game is composed of two teams, the Defenders and the Infiltrators. The Defenders have two bases located in different parts of the maps. The Defenders have to defend their two bases from the Infiltrators. On the other hand, the Infiltrators will have to find a way to infiltrate past the Defenders in order to plant a Demolition Charge by landing in any of the two bases. The Infiltrator with the charge will have to land on the base until the red bar is full before the charge is fully planted. If the Defenders manage to kill the Infiltrator before he plants the charge, then the charge wont be planted and other Infiltrators will have to pick it up. The charge is throwable by pressing "s" and it cannot be picked up or defused by the Defenders flying through it. If the charge is planted, then the Defenders have 15 seconds to land on the base and defuse the charge before it destroys the base. If the bomb is defused by the Defenders, then the Defenders win, but if any of the Defender's base is destroyed then the Infiltrators win. Each player in both teams have only one life per game so, if all the players in a team are killed, then the opposing team wins. The rounds per game, game win margin, rounds until the teams switch sides, and round time are set by the person who hosts the server.

Play Strategies

1DE takes an enormous amount of strategy compared to game modes such as FFA or TDM. The important thing about this mode is that like all 1-life modes, you must stay alive because you can neither re-spawn nor heal on a base. All in all, 1DE is about putting the pressure of a time limit on the other team (when you're an infiltrator) or taking down most of the other team in time to deactivate the charge (when you're a defender). Here are some strategies:

Infiltration Strategies

  • The person who picks up the demolition charge should be confident that they can reach 1 of the 2 bases without being killed, or preferrably seen. Miranda, time anchor in particular, is good for this role because it can warp out of danger and quickly get onto a base without being seen.
  • Because you cannot re-spawn, it is important to stay behind cover while shooting at the opposing team.
  • Distraction: One risky but useful strategy is for all the team to rush at the other team at once while the person with the charge goes toward a different base, which prevents the other team from rapidly finding him/her.
  • Although you can win by simply wiping out the other team, it is very useful to plant the charge if you don't get killed doing so. Once the charge is planted, the infiltrators should try to defend the charge while still trying to wipe out the opposing team, Even if the infiltrators all die, if you stalled for long enough, the defenders won't have sufficient time to deactivate the charge.
  • Wrap: Use wrapped maps such as 1DE_Cave to your advantage with the charge. It can confuse the other team if you go around the map to plant the charge, and it can help you stay alive after planting it so that you can help your team take down the other team.
  • Know that once you plant the charge, the other team can see if on their screen and will soon rush to deactivate it. At this point, it would be impractical to run in order to stay alive; simply stall them as long as you can. If you manage to stop them from deactivating until about 4 seconds to detonation, they probably won't be able to win the round.
  • Protect the bomb. The location of the bomb will always be revealed to your team (and only your team) at all times. Try to keep aware of it and make sure it stays active. The worst thing that can happen is that the bomb carrier gets shot down and the enemy team sets up an active defense around the loose power up.
  • Plant conservatively. You're completely helpless while planting the bomb. Wait until enemies aren't around before putting yourself in that situation.
  • Scout! There is usually more than one target available. If one is well defended, check the other(s).

Defensive Strategies

  • Communication: communication is vital. Station some of your team near one base and the other part near the other base, while still trying to take down enemy planes. When one of the two groups see the person with the charge, tell your team in chat where they are in order to get backup before the person plants the charge.
  • Focus more on killing than on protecting your bases from the person with the charge. Most often that person will end up planting it, so your greatest chance is to take down most of the other team in time to deactivate the charge. If you have taken down most of the other team but not all of them, have one person deactivate the charge while the others defend him/her; don't bother chasing the remaining person throughout the map.
  • Stall for time. If time runs out, you win. Take advantage of this. Make them come to you, and only engage in combat if absolutely necessary.

General Tips

  • Be careful! You only have one life, so it's more important than ever to stay alive.
  • Stick together. It's easy to get bloodthirsty and run out ahead of the group, but resist the urge. You are much more effective as a team.
  • Ambush them. Sometimes you can bait another player into trying to plant or defuse the bomb, then swoop in and destroy them while they're helpless. Be sneaky!
  • Help from beyond the grave. Once you die, you're not out of the game! Your allies can still hear you, so use this opportunity to communicate important information.


Demolition Charge - Planted
Demolition Charge
Planting/Defusing Bar