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1DM - 1-Life Death Match is a game type that encourages a combination of team play and individual skill to eliminate the enemy team. It is in essence very similar to TDM, with the main difference being that each player in a team has only one life per game. The main objective of this game mode is to destroy the opposing team by killing each and every member. The number of rounds per game, the game win margin, and the round time are set by the person who hosts the server. Unlike TBD, 1DM maps generally do not contain turrets or bomb powerups. Instead, the only special items are the normal powerups and scattered health packs. While 1DM was still in beta stage, it was known as OBJ (Objective mode). Every so often you will see a map that still has the prefix "obj_" attached to it and contains a demolition charge featured somewhere on the map. The demolition charge does not serve any function other than to let the game know exactly what mode is being played.

Play Strategies

For a team to perform well in 1DM several considerations must be made.

Plane Variety

  • The Explodet does a good job of clearing large amounts of enemies from a particular location as well as leading the attack if the team stays together. It can act as a bullet shield for the other planes as they snipe from behind it as well. The Thermobarics perk is especially useful in 1DM, which is quite often characterized by the smaller passages and fewer wide open spaces that the mode's maps are known for. In general, Explodet is a slow mover that can not evade attacks or snipes from the enemy nearly as well as the other four planes. Most Explodets will not be able to rack up as many kills as other players unless they are very skilled, and as such the plane is not held in high regard as a logical choice for 1DM.
  • The Bomber fills a similar niche to the Explodet, in that it is heavy and has a lot of health. The ability to fire repeatedly into common choke points allows it to control key regions of the map and guard item spawn points until they appear. Like the Explodet, Bomber is a good choice if the enemy tends to cluster together and not spread out across the map, as its large explosion radius can damage several planes at once. Suppressor or Flak Tailgun are the most common red perks chosen by experienced 1DM players, though if used correctly Bombs can also sometimes be effective.
  • Biplane is one of the planes that really excels in 1DM if used properly. Its high speed and maneuverability allow it to escape followers with relative ease, as well as to swoop in unexpectedly for a quick kill. A medium amount of armor and health allow it to withstand several shots from each plane. The Dogfighter and Recoilless red perks can be used effectively by shooting into highly traversed choke points, and the plane can track down lone fighters with its effective secondary machine gun with relative ease. However, perhaps the most effective red perk for the Biplane in 1DM is the Heavy Cannon. The gun's pierce ability allows it to hit multiple planes at once, and the high damage that ensues can take down the strongest of foes. Heavy Cannon is especially useful if played at a reduced viewscale, in which case it becomes one of the primary sniping setups used in the game mode. As usual, the biplane should avoid large groups of enemies as it is more of a search and destroy plane than a mass killer.
  • Loopy plays a somewhat different role in 1DM. Its very low health makes it quite easy for other planes to kill, and because of this it should only enter the fray at an opportune moment. Like the Biplane, the Loopy should avoid entering battles with large groups of enemies unless allies are nearby. The plane's high speed allows it to swoop in and out of battle quickly while letting off shots from both its primary and secondary weapon. Using its EMP as a secondary weapon, the Loopy can effectively immobilize enemies so that it or an ally can dispatch them without resistance. Acid can also be a very effective weapon when shot into chokes, especially against planes with low health to begin with. While not the plane of choice for most 1DM players, the Loopy can be effective when used in addition to heavier firepower.
  • Miranda is the most used plane in 1DM. The Miranda (randa) has the most maneuverability and speed combination in the game which make it a key asset in 1DM. But, on the downside, it has a low amount of health. The playing style of the randa is one of a snake. It should be just out of reach to be prey, but close enough to strike and escape if needed. When using randa: use cover to your advantage, use your maeuverability and speed to escape difficult situations, use tricks to entice foes and quickly dispatch them. If it comes down to you vs a explodet use your long quick shots to get rid of them. Most important thing! The point is to survive and not to go whilly nilly shooting. Don't become impatient! Your plane is the best with 1 v 1-5 situations. Lastly, use powerups to your advantage.