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General Overview

The Ace system is Altitude's equivalent of the Prestige system included in many games. When a player reaches level 60, he or she has the option to move on to the first Ace level at the cost of locking all perks and planes that were freed and returning to level 1. In return for returning the game to an "unplayed" state, the player is compensated with a new badge that is visible next to their name when the Tab key is pressed in a server. With each Ace Rank completed, a new slot appears on the plane selection screen. It allows the player to configure an extra class for one of the planes, however once they reach ace 5 this no longer applies. This can be useful for players that use multiple perk setups for a plane. When the player reaches level 60 as Ace 1, he or she has the opportunity to reset their level count again and become Ace 2, receiving a new badge in return. There are currently 10 Ace levels to achieve.

Once level 60 is reached, you can advance to the next rank by clicking a button found under Options > Hangar Deck.

Ace Badges

For each Ace level the player achieves, a new badge is unlocked. As there are 10 possible Ace levels to reach, there are also ten badges that can be unlocked with each respective succession.

Unlockable Ace Badges
Ace 1 Ace 2 Ace 3 Ace 4 Ace 5
Ace 6 Ace 7 Ace 8 Ace 9 Ace 10