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The Explodet is a flying tank. It has the most health of any plane and both it's primary and secondary weapons cause explosive damage. Also, excluding thermobaric rockets, it causes concussive knock back effect from both its primary and secondary weapons. The three separate game play modes are offered as Red Perks, which are Director, Thermobarics, and Remote Mine. Each game play mode gives the Explodet a characteristic allowing the user unique ways on how they want to approach battle with enemy planes. It is important to remember that, while each game play mode offers advantages and disadvantages, none of the game play modes are designed to be better than another one but rather just a change in the way the Explodet is played. Experimenting with each mode will give you the best feel on which mode works best for you in different situations.



This is the first of the three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Director mode's primary weapon is a manually detonated rocket and its secondary weapon is a mine ejector. The manually detonated rocket is used to not only cause explosive damage, but to also knock planes around as planes within the radius of explosion are pushed by the concussive effect. This can be used offensively to cause planes to slam into walls or defensively to slow an incoming bomb carrier. The important aspect to remember about the Explodet's rocket is that it is different from any other plane's weapon in that it must be detonated after it is launched. An rocket that "hits" an enemy plane will not explode, but rather will travel right through the them unless the user depresses the primary weapon fire key for a second time. This fact also limits the Explodet to only having one rocket in the game at any single time. The Director mode's secondary weapon is the mine ejector and it can be used in a multitude of ways. First, it can be used to deter a chasing plane by either destroying their plane through damage or causing a concussive knock back into a nearby wall. Second, it can be used to lay a mine field around either a neutral bomb or a small choke point passageway. The mines will track nearby enemies who fly too close and can often trail into a group of enemies when it is tracking an enemy plane that is retreating back to the comfort of its own team.



This is the second of three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Thermobarics mode is a large departure in play style from both the Director and Remote Mine modes. The difference is that the primary weapon replaces the highly concussive rocket with a thermobaric rocket that pulls the nose of planes within the blast radius toward the center of the explosion, sending it a few degrees off course. While losing the ability to push planes around with the concussive explosion the thermobaric rocket gains a slight damage increase. The play style with the thermobaric rocket is quite different and requires situational knowledge in order to get the best effect. Planes that are rounding corner or traversing small enclosures will suffer the worst consequences of being in the blast radius of a thermobaric rocket as it often causes their plane to fly uncontrollably into nearby objects. The secondary weapon remains the same as the Director mode which is the rear mine ejector.

Remote Mine

Remote Mine.png

This is the third, and final, of the three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Remote Mine mode offers the user not only the choice of when their rockets will detonate but also the choice of when their mines will detonate. The change is that the mine ejector is replaced with a remote mine ejector. This new mine has the drawback that the user, like the rocket, can only have one in play at a time. However, the damage and explosive radius is increased from that of the mine ejector. Often times enemies chasing an Explodet will often be able to maneuver around mines that are dropped as deterrents. With the remote mine, the user can choose when the mine will explode often times knocking a chasing plane off its course. This game play mode can be difficult to master as it requires the user to both launch and manually detonate both the primary and secondary weapons at specific times.