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Downloading Altitude is very easy and quick. There are two ways to download the game: the standalone version or through the online steam store.

Standalone version:

To download the standalone version, visit where you will not miss the 'download' button. It is a free download. Altitude can be played on all platforms: PC, Mac and Linux.

Windows Guide:

On PC, choose to run the file when prompted, then install it where you want.

Mac Guide:

On Mac, download the install file (.dmg), then double-click it and install the game.

Linux Guide:

You need to make the installer file executable first.

Right-click the installer and make sure it's "executable" by you. Or on a command prompt chmod u+x (to make it executable)

Steam download:

To download Altitude on Steam, open the Steam application and go to the store. The quickest to get to Altitude from there is typing 'Altitude' in the search bar. After downloading you can play Altitude through your games library.

Additional Notes:

  • If you play Altitude on Steam, you will not be able to use the same account with the standalone version; Your Altitude account gets linked to your Steam account.