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Use speed as your advantage with the "Loopy" plane. Your going to have to be stealthy with this plane, you want to use the tactics as stated in the FFA strategies below while you plane TBD. The only difference is when you play TBD you want to concentrate more on single targets that are necessary to kill and this is all you don't want to get greedy when killing in TBD, just go strait for the enemy base.

Killing - You should try and be very fast with you attacks and always use cover to your advantage: approach from where enemies wont expect you to come from and swoop into the battle fast hit your target and go back to safe spots.

  • Use the EMP/Acid shot at the enemy before you go in for the kill.

Best way to kill a:

  • Loopy:
  • Bomber: Use the loopy to avoid the Bombers Tail-guns while using your primary and secondary fire to slowly kill the enemy. (try and attack from the sides (belly) of this plane for it is powerful)
  • Biplane: This is quite a hard plane to kill when going head on against it. Your best strategy is to circle around it while shooting your "F" and "D" weapons in alternating patters. The Heavy Cannon's biggest fear is EMP, it needs much energy to shoot is massive bullets out and taking away its ability to regain energy makes Heavy Cannon against Loopy useless.
  • Explodet: The best way to kill this plane is to fully avoid its primary missiles. Try and attack if from behind, or better yet its sides just as you would against a Bomber. Use the loopy's agility to avoid its mines, and to just keep the enemy in a constant state of EMP or Acid while dodging its mines and staying close with your missiles. Lastly, when you play against a Remote mine player what you can do is come right behind and stay as close to the plane as possible, the mine will eject past you and will inflict no damage to your plane. Remember to try and avoid the Explodets primary fire because your loopy's speed will make you crash if you get hit by either a Thermobarics or Director shot.
  • Miranda:

Bomb carrying - Although the loopy is a very fragile plane it is the fastest and most agile plane out there, holding a bomb will slow you down but you will still manage to be faster than many of the other planes. The important aspect is trying to stay under cover for most part of your journey to the enemy base, try and stay with full health as long as possible and then once you see an opening go for it. The Loopy's massive speed will allow it to preform some amazing and accurate lobs at the base, practice lobbing bombs because as a Loopy runner this is its most important asset. The best way to lob a Big Bomb with a Loopy is go at a quick pace then tap the "left" arrow and quickly release the bomb with "s" right after the tap on the "left" arrow, this will give the bomb extra speed and will fly through the air compared to just going straight and clicking "s"

Defending - The Loopy isn't a plane designed to be the defence plane on a team so avoid being a full defensive loopy and play more aggressively. Harassing the enemy planes is a key component to to being a good loopy. However, if you are the last line of defence on your team follow these key points:

  • Always cover the base while spamming your EMP/Acid and loopy missiles the enemy bomb carrier.
  • Try and scare the enemy runner into delaying his push on your base, a few important seconds can give the rest of your teammates time to spawn.
  • Weaken the runner little by little until they are forced to drop the bomb. Never rush an enemy runner if its 1v1 this will give him/her the opportunity at a clear base hit.
  • If there is more then enemies then just a runner try and stay strong and don't focus all your energy into just the runner or his assisting teammate will have a clear chance to kill you. Spam your fire at both planes while covering the base.


For beginners, you want to stay distant from your targets and use the follow rocket red perk. Keep using your "F" attack and rack up the kills. Later, you should start getting close up to enemies and single them out. This will get you into a dog fight, use this as your advantage and stun the enemy with your "D" attack as soon as you get a chance. This will slow them down and you can chase them easy and take them down with you "F" attack. Finally, after practicing these strategies for a while you should try the burst fire technique and combine your "D" and "F" attacks in short bursts. Eventually you will start using a pattern that should be something like this "D"/wiki/"F"....."D"/wiki/"F";"F";"F"....."D"/wiki/"F"....."D"/wiki/"F";"F";"F",...... and so on. Once you lock your "D" secondary attack you should follow up with as many "F" attacks as you can before the secondary effect washes out. This is the final step in your progress for being a pro Loopy user.


The most common plane used in ball is often the loopy. Its amazing speed combined with its quick agility makes this plane a great hazard once its in possession of the ball. The majority of altitude BALL players will use EMP because it disables the enemies engine, and in BALL if a plane cant move its nearly useless. In BALL if you choose to play as a Loopy your best strategic options are to EMP/Acid the enemies as much as possible. You should also always know where the ball is and be ready to take it and run to the enemy goal as soon as possible. Loopy players will often score because their speed will allow then to intercept the ball and go for a quick counter before the enemy planes even have time to turn around. Furthermore, once you have a great understanding of plane movement you should always keep your eyes open in a ball map to see when a player might pass the ball. Gaining this knowledge will open new doors for your loopy's ability to score goals in quick counters. The Loopy wont often need to be the plane relied on to defend, but as the quickest plane you should be all over the map using your EMP/Acid to help your team get kills as much as possible and not just fully concentrate on scoring goals. Remember this is a 6v6 mode and team play is the most important part of it. Passing is also a very useful commodity in BALL so whenever you see and open player in-front of you always highly consider passing.