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Altitude was chosen as a PAX 10 finalist for PAX 2010.

PAX was awesome. Thanks to all the Penny Arcade folks that made it happen.

A few pics from PAX 2010:

PAX 1.jpg
Erik Posing with the cool halo statue :)

PAX 2.jpg
Karl: REACH's manboob hidden character

PAX 3.jpg
Our pathetic demo booth.

PAX 4.jpg
The ring wraith found Erik!
PAX 5.jpg
PAX 6.jpg
PAX 7.jpg

PAX 8.jpg
This booth alone could fund Nimbly Games development for 10 years lol.
PAX 9.jpg
PAX 10.jpg

PAX 11.jpg
OMG Day one of PAX 2010 the mob is going to trample us! Oh wait they are too distracted by Rock Band III... Oh how great it was to listen to karaoke for 3 days straight :(

PAX 12.jpg
Call of... er I mean Medal of Honor ;). There was a huge line to get in on this bad boy.

PAX 13.jpg

OOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh look at the pretty portal