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Ace Gamez Review Excerpt

Ace Games reviewed Altitude on June 27th, 2009:

"Altitude is a surprisingly relaxed game, given just how sharp your reflexes have to be to stay alive, and as such it's something that can be played just as easily in quick bursts of fifteen minutes as it can for hours on end... there's certainly enough content here to warrant repeated visits... Altitude's colourful retro look is far more inviting that many of the ultra realistic games currently doing the rounds... there's something about the game that makes winning or losing almost a moot point; you just play for the fun of it, and that is a good online twitch game. Altitude's simple premise hides behind a deceptively difficult game, but one that's easily learned and enjoyable to engage in."

Rock Paper Shotgun Review Excerpt

Rock Paper Shotgun reviewed Altitude on June 15th, 2009:

"Altitude is a multiplayer 2D plane combat game, as cartoony as you can get, letting players engage in online aerial battles that have more in common with a old side-scrolling shooter than with Crimson Skies... get yourself onto a live server, and you’ll discover the small screens and limited options do indeed swell out to make for a fun time. Clearly there’s much to be gained for completing challenges within these games and levelling up. Once you’ve got yourself a better plane, and a better equipped plane, there’s more opportunity for entertaining tactics."

Jay Is Games Review Excerpt

Jay Is Games reviewed Altitude on June 7th, 2009:

"The instant action grabs you from the start while the nuanced gameplay and healthy serving of upgrades keep you in for the long haul... Your reaction after playing the training missions in Altitude will be something along the lines of amazement... Altitude is one of those rare games that keeps its charm long after that new game smell has worn off... With no real flaws and an extremely addictive gameplay, Altitude is one of the best casual online multiplayer games I've ever seen. It's well-balanced, easy to play, and nuanced enough to be difficult to master. It's one of those games that implants itself in your head so at random moments throughout the day you think "Ooh, I should go play Altitude, see if I can gain a level or two."

Game Tunnel Review Excerpt

Game Tunnel reviewed Altitude on May 14th, 2009:

"The combat action in Altitude is fast and furious and deceptively complicated, though very easy to pick up. There are a variety of important things you need to be aware of as you fly, which makes for a very engaging piloting experience... Team fortress style plane combat!? Heck yes! The game comes together great... and the concept of this type of game I back 100%... Altitude is fun!... Altitude takes a lot of complex variables and makes them incredibly easy to play, turning what could have been a bulky combat sim into a fast paced arcade shooter that is extremely satisfying."

TigSource Review Excerpt

Tigsource reviewed Altitude on May 5th, 2009:

"The game strikes me as overall a very nice product... it does provide a very complete package that seems well supported with updates handled by the game on booting... It’s well worth a play through with its quickly gratifying pick-up-and-play style... there’s no reason not to give it a chance. To the skies!"

Superlevel Review

Superlevel reviewed Altitude on May 5th, 2009:

"Argh! Eigentlich wollte ich mich meiner Todo-Liste widmen, aber dann kam mir Altitude in die Quere. Bei dem Spiel bestreitet man 2D-Luftkämpfe im Comic-Look — entweder gegen Bots oder im Onlinemodus gegen menschliche Kontrahenten. Und ja, es macht wirklich Spaß. Die Spielfeder und Power-Ups sind abwechslungsreich und das XP-/Levelsystem begünstigt die Langzeitmotivation. Die Demoversion ist ohne Zeitlimit spielbar, allerdings bleibt einem der Zugriff auf zahlreiche Levels, Items und Power-Ups verwehrt. Für die Vollversion muss man $19,95 berappen."