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The Teamliquid Altitude League was formed out of a desire for more organized competition from the Teamliquid community. It consists of 5v5 TBD matches, played on varying maps in a best-of-3, 5, and 7 format, depending on the round. Team rosters must be submitted prior to each week's matches being played, and play subsitutions can only be made between maps.

Map Pool

The map pool for the first Teamliquid Altitude League is: Mayhem, The Core, Woods, Lost City, Middleground, Cave, and Asteroids. Each of these maps was chosen for their ability to foster competitive, exciting play. The maps are also all a suitable size for 5v5 play.


The original teams signed up for the league are:

  • Air Force ACE
    • Captain: tyr
    • Tag: ACE.
  • faggylittlebears
    • Captain: Kuja900
    • Tag: fLb
  • Team Solid
    • Captain: Pillars
    • Tag: [TS]
  • Team Vapor
    • Captain: NfoMonkey
    • Tag: [V]
  • Adventue Fags
    • Captain: tec27
    • Tag: [AF]
  • V3
    • Captain: DevilsAdvocat
    • Tag: [ZS]
  • Your Mom
    • Captain: Smorrie
    • Tag: ym.

Due to some complications, many of the teams dropped out after week 1.


Place Wins Losses Winning % Team
1 3 0 1.00 Team Vapor
1 3 0 1.00 Team Solid
1 3 0 1.00 Air Force ACE
4 2 1 .667 v3
4 2 1 .667 faggylittlebears
6 1 2 .333 Adventue Fags
6 1 2 .333 Your Mom
6 1 2 .333 Into The Walls


Week 1 Schedule

Default game time: Saturday, May 2nd
ACE vs SnM 3pm EST
fLb vs. UDF 4pm EST
AF vs. V 5pm EST
V vs. UDF Sunday, 6pm EST
Into The Walls vs. v3 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Default game time: Sunday May 3rd
ACE vs. Your Mom Sunday, 2pm EST/8pm CET
Your Mom vs. TS 3pm EST / 9pm CET
v3 vs. Your Mom Sunday, 4pm EST/1pm PST/10pm CET
Into The Walls vs. SnM Sunday, 5pm EST
fLb vs. v3 Sunday, 6pm EST/3pm PST
ACE vs. UDF 7pm EST
AF vs. SnM Sunday, 8pm EST
fLb vs. V 9pm EST
AF vs. TS 10 pm EST

Week 2 Schedule

Due to complications from many teams dropping out, and this being the last free weekend promotion, the league schedule has been accelerated into a double-elimination tournament bracket. As such, the new schedule format looks like this:

Saturday, May 9
Game 1: 3PM EST, Server 1
Vapor. BYE.

Game 2: 3PM EST, Server 2
ACE vs. AF

Game 3: 4PM EST, Server 1
v3 vs. fLb

Game 4: 4PM EST, Server 2
Solid vs. YM

Games after that depend on the results of those games, and will form similar to a winners/losers bracket.

Video Streams/VODs

Chobopeon and tec27 produce a VOD/stream for each week of the league, streamed live at the TLAltitudes Mogulus Channel, and then placed on loop for the remainder of the week. Each of these VODs is also uploaded in higher quality to youtube a few days after the broadcast.

VOD Links

IntoTheWalls Vs Team Solid ACE Vs Team Vapor


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