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About Me

G'day - the name is Vogez and you're more than likely going to see my piloting the Alty skies for some time - I'm a 15-month veteran now and I may not be the best player out there but I'm behind the community 110%.

I'm one of the original Australian players and as such put up with much criticism due to my ping - Kudos to the people who have put up the Aussie and Kiwi servers - hopefully Proleague compatibility will one day be possible!


-MH- One of the 3 original founding members, along with Beagle and Blimey. After its dissapation, I now fly under the banner after its re-creation as a social team.
[pH] Short-lived team created from mostly old -MH- members left stranded
{eX} The follow up to [pH]'s disappearance. Came back for a bt but went on to follow my dreams of an all-Aussie team
[J.C] Sorry for flying out the door guys...
=LdU= My up and coming All-Aussie superteam!

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