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About me

Clan history

  • Team Base Destruction
    • dx| --> {NH} --> {sky} --> swnswnswnswn --> BB| --> kgh| --> IL|
  • Plane Ball
    • {BL} --> =AIR= --> AH| (Much love to you guys <3) --> {ball}

The history of my name

It was a sunny day in ball_football. The birds were singing and the balls were bouncing. But wait! What was that noise? It was a man named Sam! He kept yelling and all this annoying stuff, yet he was still an okay baller. What kind of world is this? I dunno, google it. Anyways, back on topic.. He would say things like "Let go of my ball!" and "Leggo that thing, noob". All of a sudden, there was a bright bulb lit up above his pretty little randa. What was it saying? LeggoMyEggo, LeggoMyEggo, LeggoMyEggo. So then he changed his name to LeggoMyEggo so he could own copyraits to the term "LeggoMyEggo" during ball. And the name is born!!

History of Waffles

Yeah so look at the above paragraph. Also, I've been playing since aboutt March 2009 (woo, 2 year vet :P). Meh, can't think of anything.