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BALL - Plane Ball is a game type played by two teams of planes. The objective is to score a goal by shooting or carrying the ball into the opponents' goal, while also protecting your own team's goal from the ball. You can carry the ball by picking it up (touching it with your plane), pass the ball to other teammates or to open spaces (press the 's' key), or shoot (press the 's' key). When carrying the ball, planes move at a slower speed.

The ball color will change to represent either the team currently carrying the ball or the last team to touch the ball if it is loose. When the ball is offscreen, the display will show the color and map direction of the ball.

Play Strategies

Strategies of BALL are varied, but a good starting place is the Guide to Ball] on the Altitude Forums.

The best strategy involves control of the mid-map area as well as any "choke points" (areas where planes tend to congregate with or without the ball, often smaller holes or tunnels on a map).

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Passing
  • Shooting

Plane Roles

Each plane type has a role that it can play in BALL.

  • Loopy is fast and agile and excels at carrying the ball and making quick movements to avoid enemies and obstacles.
  • Bomber is a good enforcer, for clearing out goal areas (offensively or defensively) and controlling choke points.
  • Explodet can mine goal areas or choke points, and can use thermobaric rockets to deter enemy ball carriers and planes.
  • Biplane is stronger than loopy and can be used both offensively and defensively.
  • Miranda can use its trickster moves (reverse and time anchor) to confuse enemy planes and to push the ball forward. The miranda self-pass (when a miranda passes and then warps ahead to the ball) is the fastest of any plane at moving the ball.