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1BD - 1-Life Team Base Destruction is a game mode that resembles a hybridization of TBD and 1DM. Just like in TBD, each team has a base that they must protect from opposing team and at the same time destroy opposing team's base to win. One of the differences in this game mode is that each player in both teams have only one life per game. If all players in a team are killed, then the opposing team wins for that round. Unlike TBD, the teams only need to score one direct bomb hit on the opposing team's base in order to destroy it. This creates an interesting play style as both teams try to hunt down the players from the opposite side while at the same time guarding their base from attack and trying to push the bomb through to the other team's side. The number of games per round and the game win margin is set by the person who hosts the server.

Play Strategies

1BD has very distinctive gameplay. The strategy is different from 1DM and TBD, although 1BD is a mix of the two. The essence of that you should do in 1BD is stay alive and keep the pressure on the opposing team. Because you cannot re-spawn, it is vital to stay alive. It may seem that it would be a good idea to stay near your base in a cluster and just wipe out the other team instead of attempting to bomb their base, but this is not an entirely effective play style. The best way to play this mode is for your entire team to head towards the middle of the map either carrying the bomb (in a team bomb map) or in order to get the bomb in the middle (a neutral bomb map). You should keep the pressure on the opposing team-- keep on spamming the choke points with shots to push the other team back. If you can get some easy kills, it's great, but it's also effective to push them towards their base. That way, when you get to the base, you can either destroy it to win the round, or lob the bomb, in which case someone will have to block it, which will take them out of the round. Also keep in mind that you cannot heal by landing on your own base in this game mode. It is vital to stay as unharmed as you can. This is where repair drone becomes priceless.Here's an easier way to see the strategy of 1BD:

Offensive Strategies

1)Keep on pushing the opposing team back and attempt to stay on their side of the map.

2)Cover your bomb runner to their base while shooting at the other team to either kill them or push them back.

3)Bomb runner: Hit the opposing base if you can, otherwise drop the nuke to get some easy kills and run away to save yourself.

4)Stay alive. This may sound obvious but it is more important in 1BD than in any other game mode.

Helpful hint: If the other team only has one player left, speed over to their base with the nuke and simply lob the bomb toward it. This puts the other team in a check mate. Either the bomb hits the base and they lose, or their last teammate must block it, in which case they will also lose. Cool!

Defensive Strategies

1)Don't let the opposing team gain control of your side. Push them back with bomber grenades and explodet missiles.

2)Don't let the opposing runner get into lobbing distance of your base, or else they can put into play the check mate described above. Take them out or push them back before they get close enough. If they lob the bomb but you don't think it will hit your base, get out of the way.

3)Stay behind obstacles while defending so as not to lose health.

All in all, 1BD is all about surviving and pushing forward, while not letting the other team get through your loopholes. Explodets, bombers, and a couple of light runners are good for this mode so that the heavy planes can push the other team back while the light planes run toward the base with the bomb. Repair drone can be extra useful here because you can neither heal on your base nor re-spawn. 1BD is fun!