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The Biplane is similar to Loopy in that it can only fire in the forward direction. However, the similarities end there as the Biplane usually works best in a fighting environment where it can get close to the enemy to put out a very high damage output. The three separate game play modes are offered as Red Perks, which are Dogfighter, Recoilless Gun, and Heavy Cannon. Each game play mode gives the Biplane a characteristic allowing the user unique ways on how they want to approach battle with enemy planes. It is important to remember that, while each game play mode offers advantages and disadvantages, none of the game play modes are designed to be better than another one but rather just a change in the way the Biplane is played. Experimenting with each mode will give you the best feel on which mode works best for you in different situations.



This is the first of the three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Dogfighter mode's primary weapon is a long range gun and its secondary weapon is a short range gun. The long range gun is used to shoot enemies too far away for effective use of the short range gun. The short range gun is used when the enemy plane is close enough to feel the heat from the afterburners and gives a much higher output of damage per second than is possible with the long range gun. The important aspect of this mode is that the short range gun causes a high amount of recoil. This recoil can be useful by causing the user to slow down when damaging an oncoming plane and therefore causing more damage as well as used to get a user out of a tight corner and keep from smashing into the ground, but it can also cause a user to go into a stall which can be a problem in the wrong situation.

Recoilless Gun

Recoilless Gun.png

This is the second of three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Recoilless Gun mode is very similar to the Dogfighter mode in that its primary and secondary weapon fire identical projectiles. However, there are two main differences: the recoil from the short range gun is completely removed in this mode and the damage output of both the primary and secondary weapon is slightly inferior than that of the Dogfighter. This allows for a more fluid style of play for the user in that they can fire their secondary weapon without having to deal with inevitably slowing down to a stop. However, while the drawbacks of having recoil in the gun are removed, the ability to use the recoil as an aid in maneuvering is no longer available. Also, the damage will often be substantially less from the burst of the short range gun when the user flies by a plane at full speed unless the user manually slows down when approaching an enemy plane.

Heavy Cannon

Heavy Cannon.png

This is the third, and final, of the three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. This mode is the biggest departure from the traditional modes for the Biplane. The change comes in the form of a high powered and high damage output heavy cannon in place of the long range gun that is available in the dogfighter and recoilless gun modes. The heavy cannon does great damage,it is even able to pierce through two targets and will deal 75% damage to the second plane hit and 45% to the third. However, while causing a great amount of damage it does not come without its drawbacks. The shot has a small amount of recoil and requires a large amount of your energy pool which makes successfully landing the shot on the enemy plane all the more important. However, with the right accuracy, this mode can offer great damage output as well as a an increased sniping ability. When using this mode the damage of your short range gun is heavily reduced.