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The Biplane is like the ancient Asian game of Go – a minute to learn, a lifetime to master. With average speed, maneuverability, and durability, even its weapons appear unremarkable at first glance. Yet this plane is deceptively powerful, able to output more damage in a single attack than any other plane in the game. What the Biplane lacks in effects and gimmicks, it more than makes up for in killing power. Engage at your own risk.

Unlocked at: Level 16

Primary Weapons:

  • Long Range Gun - fires small, low-damage bullets that have considerable range, recoil applied to red perk dogfighter.
  • 75mm Cannon - fires a relatively large projectile with high damage, high cooldown, long range, and significant recoil (heavy cannon perk).

Secondary Weapon:

  • Close-Combat Machine Gun - a devastating, short-ranged machine gun with almost no cooldown. Bullets extend to around a half-biplane length ahead of your nose. Recoil applied based on red perks dogfighter and heavy cannon.

Stats: Biplane

Game Mode Strategies


In Team Base Destruction, the biplane has many roles. For one, it makes a great bomb runner, no matter what the perk, although Recoilless and Heavy Cannon are preferred over Dogfighter. Even though it is not as fast as a Miranda or Loopy when running a bomb, it makes up for it in that it is able to kill more while on the way to the enemy base. Besides running, Biplane is also a great 1v1 fighter and the pierce effect from all of the perks adds to the defensive as well as offensive abilities of this plane. During a push, it is best for the biplane to stay relatively close to the bomb runner, so that it is able to kill well, protect the bomb runner from enemy fire, and to pick up in case the bomb is dropped. During defense, it is best to stay either at the back of the rest of your teammates spamming, or to get behind the enemy push and flank the bomb runner from behind. The most preferred and used perk in Team Base Destruction is Heavy Cannon, as it does much more damage in a single burst than the other Biplane burst, although its secondary weapon isn't as strong as the others. Because Biplane has no special abilities such as the other planes, it helps to take items when possible and use them to your advantage. An item is a Biplane's best friend, and whether it be a wall, shield, or missile, it can always help out in some way. With the Biplane having no tricks or gimmicks up its sleeve, it is all about positioning and the element of surprise in order for it to be viable in this game mode.


Needs info here. The biplane has two primary roles in ball:

  1. Running/staying on the ball
  2. Killing
  3. Supporting teamates

As a ball runner, you will realize that you do not obtain any special abilities (such as Loopy's EMP) but you do have a deadly primary and secondary combo (F+D) to kill enemies in your path very quickly. You also maintain more health than the Loopy and Miranda, which is another advantage when ball running.

Killing is an important element in the ball game mode. It provides scoring opportunities, opens lanes, and a lot of other things as well! As a killer, being in the heart of the action will most likely result in death, so keep a fair distance when possible. Now, This does not mean to stay in some corner of the map. Your objective is to kill, but kill with a purpose. Aim for the ball runner/ and other high priority targets on the field, but don't hesitate to shoot loners down if there are no higher prority targets nearby.(e.x. you're making your way to the ball and you come across a emp'ed bomber.). Kill with a purpose in mind and do not be afraid to get shot down. This is very important that you do not fear death. This also applies to picking the ball up. The ultimate goal in ball is the score the most goals and this objective will stay applied to you as long as your in the game mode!


  • Use primary and secondary fire together in short range for huge damage.
  • Learn to aim, and use the throttle.
  • Don't waste time shooting if you're not going to hit something. You're just wasting energy. On the other hand, it is possible to hit planes that aren't even on the screen yet, so it's sometimes worth firing if you might hit someone even if you can't see them.
  • If a plane is right behind you and there is no place to run, try slowing down just enough so you don't stall. If the player is newish, they will probably pass by you, then just speed up and fire at will.(1).
  • Be smart. The biplane is well-rounded, but it doesn't excel at anything. It's not real fast, can only climb so well, and it's hard to shoot down other planes without a reasonable amount of effort. You can't just fly around and shoot randomly and expect to do very well.
  • Patience is key with the biplane, it is capable of having an advantage over every other plane if one is willing to play smart and take their time.


  • When close enough to an enemy plane, press the primary and secondary weapon keys simultaneously to maximize the damage dealt per second.
  • If a red perk other than recoilless is equipped, gun recoil (especially that of the secondary) can be used to propel yourself backwards to avoid crashes and to maneuver out of an engagement, but this takes a lot of practice, and is not recommended on some maps.(e.x. midleground, if you're caught in a dogfight, because you'll probably propel yourself into a wall, unless you're very skilled.)
  • The perk flexible wings is recommended as it enables biplane players to position themselves more easily.(Especially recoiless users, since they lose the recoil propulsion.)
  • Biplane now also reduces EMP effect (turning ability and energy usage) from either a wall or Loopy by 20%.

In Game Images

Dodge the Bomber and go for the base.
Watch out for mines.
Biplane firing a heavy cannon shot.
Landing on the base. Upside down.
Running a bomb toward the enemy's base.