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Never has such an unappealing plane been so important and arguably overpowered. The Bomber is one of the two 'heavy'-class planes (the other being the Explodet) and is a key instrument in maintaining map control with quite some health, good range, and adequate speed and maneuverability. However, what really makes this plane frustrating to go against, especially in groups, is its ability to create an instant No Man's Land in front of it, forcing enemies to flank or eat its grenades and even then, they have to deal with its powerful tailgun. Someone call the Friends Really Against Grenade Spam.

Unlocked at: Level 6

Primary Weapon: Grenades

Secondary Weapon:

  • Suppressor - Tailgun, mounted on the back, limited tracking ability.
  • Bombs - Dumb Bombs, deployed from the bottom of the plane, momentum allows lobbing arcs.
  • Flak Tailgun - Flak Cannon, mounted the back, splash damage, noticeable recoil and knockback effect.

Stats: Bomber

Game Mode Strategies


The Bomber's contributions to TBD fall under 3 main categories: Spam, Close-Range Killing, and Push.

First, to elucidate the need for a bomber, one must first understand its given advantages. Since Suppressor and Tail-Flak Cannon congregate to form the competitive red perks for bomber, most experienced players will be found using them. The two perks give the bomber the ability to attack in the opposite direction that it is flying. This not only increases the area of possible damage output, but, in addition, reduces the need to turn. Think about it this way. A normal plane would have to turn a whole 180 degrees to respond to an enemy that is attacking from behind. A bomber, on the other hand, would only have to use its secondary ability to counter this enemy completely avoiding the hassle of turning, and, in turn, saves time and energy.

Spam: This is a bomber's most useful contribution. Its ability to inflict mass damage on choke points with repetition has won it renown. Most nadespammers use ultracapacitor as their blue perk, but there exist exceptions. Furthermore, the nades thrown by the bomber are released at an angle, allowing damage to originate from curved trajectories. This gives the bomber the ability to reach choke points that would not normally be reachable through a linear line of fire. To effectively spam, it is suggested that after mastering the angle fire of the nades, you correctly identify the chokepoints of a map. For example, an easy map to begin with is middleground. The most obvious chokepoint will be near the bomb spawn, and the obvious ways to attack it from a secure position are through the passages in the walls. With a bomber, one can correctly aim the nades into this choke point and restrict the enemy movement. In the fortunate event that someone passes in your line of fire, they will suffer fatal damage from the nades direct and/or splash damage output. After releasing a volley of nades, rinse and repeat. In case the enemy team sends out planes to follow you from behind during your turn, use your secondary weapon to stop them in their steps. Once your turn is completed, you should have at least 3/4 of your energy recharged - the energy expended on defending your position. However, it is advised that you take the additional time to position yourself for a perfect volley of spam with an added benefit of more energy recharged.

Close-Range Killing: Bomber's also enjoy the bonus of having an incredibly high damage output with nades. At close-range, the nades have a near linear movement since they do not have sufficient time for a noticeable curve to develop, which, in turn, makes it easier for the user to aim. The main targets of the bomber at close-range include planes with large hit boxes or smoking planes. The former gifts the bomber a large variety of places to aim increasing the frequency of an accurately fired nade. The latter requires extra special aim; however, because of the nades damage output, one or two hits are all that is required to take out a weak smoking foe. Furthermore, the secondary weapons of the bomber have a very high damage per second rate. Surpressor gives the does damage in small, but quick, increments. Moreover, it possesses a pseudo-tracking ability where the bullets will be fired in the general direction of the enemy increasing accuracy. The heavy flak cannon deals damage in huge, but limited, increments. Because they expend much energy, it is advised that the user takes the additional time to aim the cannon before blindly firing it at the enemy.

Push: The bomber's ability to push takes in its other two abilities, spam and killing, and adds a new dimension to it. The versatile nades and heavy flack bullets of a bomber possess yet another function, they have the blow-back ability. This means that with head-on contact with another plane, they can reduce the forward progression speed of the plane and even completely stall it. This gives the perfect opportunity to either slow down an enemy's bomb run or take out key defenders during an offensive push like whales etc. Also, because of the restricted space and the constriction enforced by the nadespam, bombers can slowly squeeze the enemy into a smaller area and give more options to the bomb runner. The splash damage of the nades steadily weaken the an enemy's resistance and can make the difference between a victory and a defeat.


Bomber is one of the strongest planes in the game therefore, should obviously be used in BALL. The Bomber has the second best agility in the game, this means it can turn extremely fast which is massively useful in such a fast paced game mode and a great advantage for this plane when it comes to use both grenades and tailgun in battle. This plane is amazing in any concept of BALL. It can use its amazing agility to aline its Suppressor or Flak Tail-guns to kill any enemy in seconds while still blocking the goal for a shot. The Bombers' strong Grenades can also be aimed and timed with the Ball icon and can kill and plane carrying the ball and any other enemies in that general area. The Bombers strong armor and good agility make it an average plane to carry the ball, but remember to always look for an open Miranda or Loopy to get that ball to the enemy goal faster. Although it can carry the ball, you would want to focus on killing as your main objective, allowing your team to steal the ball, move forward and eventually score. As a Bomber your primary target in BALL is to keep the enemy team away from your half line of the map. To achieve this you should always spam at the best choke points killing light nimble planes and forcing the slow strong ones to take a longer route or retrieve. Furthermore, if you choose to play with the bomber you should learn the best ways of clearing a Ball to force enemy planes to delay their attack and giving the rest of your team time to spawn and get back in action.

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There really is no basic strategy to FFA play, but just like in any other game mode, you want to spam everywhere in front of you. Usually you will find flocks of planes fighting in some point of the map. This is where you will want to unload your 3-4 grenades (depends on whether you're using Turbocharger or Ultracapacitor) killing mostly everyone you aimed at. EMPs, Heavy Cannons or even Explodets fail to win a struggle against this powerful plane. Its Flak Tailgun makes any plane lose speed while inflicting tons of damage as you flee to position yourself to get revenge or to look for some other prey.


  • When armed with grenades, become familiar with the weapon's trajectory. Attacking a foe head on in close proximity requires the Bomber's pilot to dip the plane's nose slightly to compensate for the grenade arc. This takes some time to get used to since the other four planes in Altitude generally feature weapons that fire along a linear trajectory. A similar approach may also be taken to avoid a Bomber's attack, as inexperienced players often overshoot their targets.
  • The Bomber's bombs do not utilize any type of propulsion and simply fall straight down, yielding to gravity. A useful application for this is flying at high altitudes while barraging targets below. Although this approach may not kill any individual opponent, it can be useful in suppressing or weakening foes for your teammates.
  • Grenade "spamming" or repeatedly firing (often blindly) over objects and off screen often yields favorable results. This practice, however, is generally frowned upon by more experienced players when abused.
  • A Bomber pilot can effectively use grenade and bomb splash damage by firing at a collision point or an opening in the map, anticipating the arrival of an opponent. Using this tactic keeps the Bomber at a safe distance while allowing him some leeway in accuracy.
  • The Bomber's primary fire (Grenades) will always remain the same if you change your red perks. Therefore, its of the highest importance to know when to use the three different red perks; Suppressor Tailgun, Bombs, and Flak Tailgun. This all depends on which map your currently playing and what the opponents perk setup consists of. See each Bomber's red perk page for further information.

In Game Images

Using the Suppressor perk.
Using the Bombs perk.
Firing grenades at the enemy.