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The Bomber is similar to Explodet in that it can cause knock back damage from its weapons. However, the similarities end there as the Bomber can dispense of all of its energy in the form of grenades, bombs, or tailgun fire in a matter of a second. The three separate game play modes are offered as Red Perks, which are Suppressor, Bombs, and Flak Tailgun. Each game play mode gives the Bomber a characteristic allowing the user unique ways on how they want to approach battle with enemy planes. It is important to remember that, while each game play mode offers advantages and disadvantages, none of the game play modes are designed to be better than another one but rather just a change in the way the Bomber is played. Experimenting with each mode will give you the best feel on which mode works best for you in different situations.



This is the first of the three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Suppressor mode's primary weapon are grenades and its secondary weapon is a tailgun that's shot is similar to that of the primary weapon of the Biplane. The grenades are used to lay down suppressive fire, block off vital choke points, or instantly kill an unsuspecting enemy plane. The tailgun is used when the Bomber is facing away from the enemy. Often times after shooting a few grenades the Bomber either must turn around in order to retreat to more friendly skies or the enemy plane has flown right by them. This is when laying down fire with the tailgun can gain the pilot a finishing blow. However, the tailgun isn't exactly the same as the Biplane's primary weapon as the tailgun has limited tracking ability; able to adjust to a flying enemy and shoot to where they are instead of directly behind the Bomber. Suppressor has offers the best range out of the Bomber's red perk choices, this perk should be used in maps that have long corridors which the tailgun fire could easy go all the way through and wont be stopped by the maps walls. Maps like Grotto(TBD), Focus(TBD), Snow(BALL), and Labyrinth(BALL) are all excellent maps for the Suppressors long range.



This is the second of three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. The Bombs mode is very different from both Suppressor and Flak Tailgun modes because it's secondary weapon no longer fires backward but rather is fired downward. Bombs are ejected from the planes bomb bay doors and cause a significant amount of damage when they explode on an enemy plane. Unlike the two rear firing tailguns, bombs can effectively be used to carpet an area of lower flying enemies or to kill an enemy chasing the pilot to a higher altitude. The Bombs perk isn't as reliable as the Flak or Suppressor tail-guns, but in maps such as TBD_Middleground the Bombs can be a highly useful perk at the top middle portion of the map.

Flak Tailgun

Flak Tailgun.png

This is the third, and final, of the three game play modes that is unlocked through leveling. This mode returns the primary weapon to the grenades that are available in the Suppressor mode. However, the secondary weapon is changed out with a high powered flak tail gun that will cause concussive knock back if it hits near an enemy plane. This weapon can be devastating if it lands a direct hit as it will cause a high amount of damage. This weapon also has a small recoil. This is ideal for those players who find themselves in situation's where they are getting chased a lot or just want that extra punch as they are leaving a field of battle.