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Blue Perks are designed to change the damage output, energy availability, and energy usage of one's plane.



This perk gives an increased energy recharge rate to your plane. It is the first of four blue perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who typically find themselves in situations where they want higher consistency of energy output when they have depleted their energy supply. It also provides a faster ability to fire on an enemy after using the afterburner to catch up to a fleeing enemy or quickly get to the area of battle. In a dogfight in which both planes have used up their energy supply it can often mean the difference between winning and losing the fight when it gives the user the ability to have a higher damage output over a longer period of time. Turbocharger is the only blue perk that is available to players using the demo.

Unlocked at: Level 8


  • Increases energy regeneration rate by 20%.



This perk gives an increased energy supply pool to your plane. It is the second of four blue perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who want the ability to output a large amount of damage in a short period of time as it can often provide the additional energy to fire a few additional shots before a plane's energy is depleted and starts recharging again. It also provides the ability to use the afterburner for a short period of time without depleting such a large portion of your energy supply that would normally be used. On a plane like Miranda it can provide a two fold benefit because it is a plane that is penalized through increased cooldowns and decreased energy recharge rates when it is at low energy levels.

Unlocked at: Level 18


  • Increases maximum energy by 35 % (from 1000 to 1350).

Reverse Thrust

Reverse Thrust.png

This perk gives the ability of the plane to fly in the opposite direction and also doubles the throttle up and throttle down acceleration rate. It is the third of four blue perks that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who either find the need to reverse direction when in a tight spot or who want the ability to quickly increase or decrease their speed. It can also provide the ability to trick opposing players by performing maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible without the ability to reverse directions. With the ability to accelerate faster it can also mean that you can quickly catch up to a fleeing opponent or make a quick exit from a situation that is becoming overwhelmed with the opposing players. Additionally, when some planes are stalled on a collidable object it can be difficult to gain the speed in order to fly away. The ability to reverse thrust can allow you to safely free your plane from an otherwise dire situation. The reversing ability can only be used with keyboard throttle controls, not with the mouse.

Unlocked at: Level 41


  • Increases Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Allows player to fire a thruster out of their airplane's nose and go backwards

Ace Instincts

Ace Instincts.png

Ace Instincts rewards players for staying alive and earning XP by boosting the bonuses provided by Veteran Bars. It is the fourth and last blue perk that is unlocked through leveling. This perk is designed for those who excel at being able to stay alive for a long time in a game due to the fact that this perk does not provide any benefit to a plane that hasn't earned any Veteran Bars which provide an increase to a plane's health, speed, turning, damage, and energy recharge rate. While the effects of this perk are not highly noticeable when you only have a few Veteran Bars, the effects can give a plane a very noticeable advantage when you have earned a large amount of Veteran Bars. This perk is more geared towards seasoned players who are confident in their ability to stay alive, and thereby preserving the veteran bars they have earned, in order to get the maximum effectiveness of this perk.

Unlocked at: Level 60


  • Bonuses provided by Veteran Bars increased by 50%.
  • Reduces XP needed to gain a bar from 10 to 8.[1]